Jeremy Lott and SanMar Corp. gaining steam with corporate responsibility

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Seattle area Mercer Island resident and SanMar Corp. owner Jeremy Lott shares insight into the promotional product company’s ongoing corporate responsibility program.


Since unveiling its first corporate responsibility report in 2017, SanMar Corp. has been engaged in an ongoing promise to protect the planet and the communities in which people around the world both live and work. Speaking from the company’s headquarters just outside of Seattle, Washington, and always with an eye on the future, SanMar owner Jeremy Lott explains more about the promotional product supplier’s corporate responsibility program. 


“We’re still hard at work as we continue to take stock of the past year to see where we excelled while always keeping an eye toward the future,” explains Jeremy Lott, Seattle area owner of promotional product supplier SanMar Corp. 


In 2019, SanMar Corp. made incredible progress in its efforts to ensure that the business remains a great place to work, according to Lott. At the same time, SanMar also continued to support communities both locally and across the U.S., he says, as well as elsewhere around the world 


“At SanMar Corp., we continue to strive to deliver a quality product that is sourced not just responsibly but sustainably, too,” adds Jeremy Lott, Mercer Island resident and owner and president of the thriving Seattle-based promotional product supply business.


Lott is keen to share some of the highlights of SanMar Corp.’s 2019 corporate responsibility report. “In 2019, we launched our new vision statement, titled ‘A Canvas for Good,’ and a place to share stories about how SanMar products are making a positive impact,” reveals Jeremy. “We also continued to strengthen our responsible sourcing program focusing on continuous improvement and collaboration,” he goes on, “and donated a total of $239,572 to 85 community organizations across the U.S.”


Elsewhere, Jeremy Lott, SanMar Corp. and his team together raised $130,000 for Bailey-Boushay House, which provides compassionate end-of-life care for individuals with AIDS, ALS and other complex conditions. The SanMar team, he says, also invested heavily in each other via mentorship and education throughout 2019. 


“It’s about transparency,” adds Emily Gigot, SanMar Corp.’s sustainability manager, of the promotional product supplier’s corporate responsibility report. “It’s important that we share a balanced progress report,” she continues, “and demonstrate the work that we’re doing with our corporate responsibility efforts.” 


SanMar Corp., owner Jeremy Lott says, still has room to grow and will carry on the hard work of meeting the goals which the company now first set out over two years ago in its initial 2017 corporate responsibility report. “Corporate responsibility is central to who we are and what we stand for at SanMar,” he adds, wrapping up, “and we look forward to continuing what we do with a sense of pride and a better understanding of the impact we have on our colleagues, our communities and our world.”