Jeremy Lott and SanMar Corp. introduce Design Studio

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Jeremy Lott Jeremy Lott

SanMar Corp. owner Jeremy Lott and his team launch all-new Design Studio interface.

Communicated to customers on February 12, SanMar Corp. has launched its all-new drag-and-drop interface for the creation, customization, organization and sharing of marketing materials. Known as Design Studio, president and owner of SanMar Corp. Jeremy Lott offers a closer look at the project.

“We’re excited to launch our new Design Studio,” says Jeremy Lott, Seattle area owner of SanMar Corp. “In the Design Studio you’ll find an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, up-to-date SanMar product data, and easy digital and social media sharing options,” he continues.

Promising the ability to create, customize, organize and share marketing materials more quickly and with greater ease than ever before, Design Studio is an evolution of Design Center, the design tool used by SanMar Corp. customers before Design Studio was developed. “Design Center may still be used to create virtual samples and flyers,” explains Jeremy Lott, Mercer Island resident and owner and president of SanMar Corp. Any marketing materials previously created in Design Center are, he says, still available.

“Design Center users may still access the system to save or print previously created materials,” adds Lott, who lives with his family close to SanMar Corp.’s headquarters in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah, Washington, in nearby Mercer Island. “You’ll also be able to transfer logos you used in Design Center to the new Design Studio,” Lott explains. Images transferred to Design Studio will remain available in Design Center until further notice, according to the SanMar Corp. owner.

Existing Design Center users are still able to edit, save or print existing materials created via the Design Center system. However, Design Center will no longer receive new product updates. Any materials that reference SanMar Corp. products from 2020 or later must, the company says, now be created in Design Studio.

“SanMar Corp. customers are now invited to explore SanMar Design Studio,” adds Jeremy Lott, SanMar owner and president, wrapping up, “and we welcome any feedback on the all-new interface.”

President of the family-owned firm, SanMar Corp., in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah, Washington, Jeremy Lott learned the business from the inside out, from pulling orders to purchasing. After college and a period studying in Hong Kong, Lott launched his career as an analyst before relocating to Chicago in 2001 to earn his MBA. Then moving to Mercer Island, Washington, Lott joined SanMar full-time, where he continues to steer the company toward long-term growth.