Jeremy Lott and Seattle-based SanMar Corp. promote new vice presidents

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Seattle metropolitan area-based promotional products supplier SanMar, under Jeremy Lott, names two new vice presidents as Brian Thompson and Shelley Williams are promoted.

 A leading supplier in the North American promotional products industry, SanMar Corp., in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah, Washington, has, under president of the firm, Jeremy Lott, this month appointed a pair of new vice presidents. President of SanMar, Lott, from Mercer Island, a city in the Seattle metropolitan area, and newly appointed vice presidents, Brian Thompson and Shelley Williams, remark on the news.

“I knew after being [at SanMar] for two weeks that I wasn’t going anywhere,” says Thompson, a Navy veteran who has now been at the promotional products company for 25 years.

“We’re proud to announce that Brian has been promoted from director of distribution to vice president of distribution,” adds Seattle-based SanMar executive Jeremy Lott, who lives with his family in nearby Mercer Island. During his two and a half decades at SanMar, Thompson has, according to Mercer Island resident Lott, done everything from work inside SanMar’s sales teams to assisting its call center.

Now taking a leadership role in distribution, Thompson says he’s stayed at the Seattle metropolitan area-based firm because of the support he’s received from his coworkers, president of SanMar Jeremy Lott, and other management.

Shelley Williams has been promoted from creative director to vice president of marketing after joining SanMar last year following 20 years in brand strategy, creative, and marketing roles at Alaska Airlines and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “Shelley replaces our current marketing vice president, Lee Strom, who’s been with us for 19 years, and who is retiring at the end of January,” explains Lott.

“The employees at SanMar are amazing, and the leadership is friendly and supportive,” adds former SanMar creative director and new vice president of marketing, Williams. “I’m honored to be part of such an amazing, family-focused company with an incredible reputation and a heart for truly making a difference in our communities and our industry,” she goes on. “There’s an impressive foundation to build from,” adds Williams, “and an abundance of great opportunities to make an impact.”

“The opportunities to advance here have been incredible,” remarks the new marketing vice president, wrapping up, “[and] there’s truly a family atmosphere.”

President of the family-owned firm, SanMar Corp., in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah, Washington, Jeremy Lott learned the business from the inside out, from pulling orders to purchasing. After college and a period studying in Hong Kong, Lott launched his career as an analyst before relocating to Chicago in 2001 to earn his MBA. Then moving to Mercer Island, Washington, Lott joined SanMar full-time, where he continues to steer the company toward long-term growth. A father of six, Jeremy Lott remains based in the Seattle metropolitan area city of Mercer Island, where, outside of his work at SanMar, he enjoys spending time with his family, boating, skiing, hiking, and generally staying active.