John Zimmel Explains his Position on Perseverance

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John Zimmel Explains his Position on Perseverance John Zimmel Explains his Position on Perseverance

John Zimmel doesn’t wait around for things to happen. He makes things happen. John explains his stance, “If you’re not willing to put in the hours, you’re not going to succeed. There are a lot of people that DREAM BIG, and there are even more that TALK BIG, but what they fail to do is the work that it takes to DO SOMETHING BIG. If you’re sitting around on weekends or nights and you’re not spending hours pursuing a dream, then you’re like everyone else that just gets through life. These people go to work (where they usually hate their jobs), spend time with friends or family (which is important), but they live vicariously through someone else. Whether it’s through binging their favorite shows or aimlessly spending hours online or social media, the people that are not making it, are usually settling for the norm.

“If you’ve got a passion—if you’re good at something—you need to put the time into it to make it benefit you and others. Don’t get lazy. Get going, and turn your hobby, your passion, and your dream into reality.

“Don’t be afraid of failure. If your quest for success doesn’t turn out on the first try, you’re not alone. Many talented and successful entrepreneurs failed the first, second, and third time, but the differentiating factor is that they kept trying. Who cares if you fail? Don’t let naysayers hold you back. Why? Other people are not in control of your life and your destination, you are. And if they say negative things, it’s not your problem; it’s theirs. When you make big moves, unfortunately, some people get jealous because they are the ones sitting on their couch, wishing they dared to try.”

John Zimmel is a young entrepreneur running several media companies, and he knows firsthand that hard work always pays off. He firmly believes that everyone makes mistakes, but it’s what people do with the lessons that they’ve learned that makes the person who they are.

John Zimmel uses his ingenuity and creativity to generate business models that others are taking note of and replicating. John Zimmel owns Labyrinth35 X, which is a modern-day communications parent company that manages and operates West 35 Media and Grass Fed Audio. West 35 Media is a digital content creation agency. They have created websites for some talented people such as Mark Peynado (Drummer for Parson James), Deoca (DJ in Orlando, FL) and many more! West 35 Media also have helped some leading brands with social media marketing.