John Zimmel Helps Brands Earn More Revenue Through Creative Product Placement Strategies

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John Zimmel Helps Brands Earn More Revenue Through Creative Product Placement Strategies John Zimmel Helps Brands Earn More Revenue Through Creative Product Placement Strategies

Product placement has been used successfully on TV shows and in movies, and its effectiveness has proven to thrive in the realm of social media through the use of influencers and celebrities. John Zimmel, a media entrepreneur in his early twenties in Greenwich, CT, helps his clients capitalize on the social influencer wave so they can rake in more revenue and brand awareness.

“Product placement is a very effective marketing tool,” said John Zimmel. “A famous example is Reeses Pieces in ET, Ray-Bans in Risky Business, and FedEx in Castaway. Only now with social media, companies do not necessarily need to spend millions of dollars to gain more customers and revenue. They simply have to find the right person, with the right content and right amount of followers.”

“Social media product placement is for any budget,” said John.

Even major brands like Coca-Cola are replacing some of their traditional advertising with social campaigns, whereas smaller companies can quickly rise in the ranks by creating demand for products on Instagram and YouTube through product placement and reviews.

“For product placement on Instagram, influencers simply have to tag the company, creating more visibility to the brand. Depending on the contract, the product can be the predominant focus or used as a background prop. Regardless of what a company decides, the key is to utilize the user-generated content to create an authentic buzz,” said John Zimmel.

In terms of using YouTube, John Zimmel continued, “Vlogging is a huge revenue generator for both the influencer and the company. Vlogger, like influencers, connects directly with their demographic because they themselves are a representation. If a vlogger can create a personal brand that is relatable, accessible, and trustworthy, it creates a positive connotation with other companies he or she partners with.”

The most common product placement types on Youtube include simple product placements, which include casually placing the product in the shot, quickly picking up or using the product, or mentioning the product in the video briefly, without interruption to the main topic. Alternatively, the vlogger can go into a brief or in-depth review of the product, in which the review may be in conjunction with other product reviews. If the company wants to be exclusively featured, it will need to sponsor the video in its entirety, which usually entails using up a large chunk of the marketing budget.

“Product placement is popping up everything across social,” said John. “From live videos, stories, and photos, companies can take advantage of the many entertainment options. Just remember to take into account the relationships influencers build and the quality of content. The more authentic the influencer is, the better the impact on your brand.”

About John Zimmel

John Zimmel is a young, vibrant entrepreneur from Greenwich, CT who’s eager to take his clients’ brand recognition to the next level through social media strategies and high-quality digital content. John Zimmel owns and operates four businesses including his modern-day communications parent company, Labyrinth35X; audio production company, Grass Fed Audio; digital content creation agency, West 35 Media; and his video production company, Nameless Productions. John Zimmel is also a performer himself of magic.

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