Jorge Plaza Marquez Guides First-Time Investors With These Great Cryptocurrency Strategies

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Jorge Plaza Marquez Jorge Plaza Marquez

Meet Jorge Plaza Marquez; an entrepreneur with an eye for incredible detail and a nose for bankable business ventures. He is the third-generation owner of a very successful oil and gas filtration company, Servimeca, that engineers top-notch sand filtration systems.

Having worked with Chevron, Tenaris, and other industry heavyweights, the entrepreneur is a man of many interests. When he gets time off, Jorge Plaza Marquez scours the internet for smart cryptocurrency investment tactics.

This is a booming segment of the market. In fact, there’s a post on social media about Bitcoin every three seconds. This cryptocurrency has tripled in value in the first six months of 2019 alone. About 5% of millennials invest in this market and 31% of people steer clear of it because of its high-risk nature.

From whitepapers to podcasts, Jorge Marquez devotes his time to refining his knowledge so that he can simplify the process for others. The entrepreneur shares some advice for first-time investors!

Don’t Be Discouraged By The Naysayers

“It’s a pyramid scheme.”

“Nothing more than a passing fad.”

“Just stick to conventional investments.”

You’ve no doubt heard all of this said about cryptocurrency. Finance gurus will try to convince you that this market is teetering on the edge of oblivion – and it’s best to dodge that bullet.

To become a successful investor, Jorge Plaza Marquez advises that you need to muffle the noise and do your own research. The financial prospects of cryptocurrency assets are limitless if undertaken wisely!

Invest Money That You Can Part With

As Warren Buffet once said, “Remember that the market is manic depressive.” Sure, he was talking about stocks but the same applies to cryptocurrency. The allure of Bitcoin lies in its volatility. And in any volatile venture, it’s best not to invest money required to fund your day-to-day life, much less money that was taken out as a loan.

In his own investments, Jorge Plaza Marquez has seen that Bitcoin remains flat and abruptly surges meteorically, meaning that your wallet might stagnate for months on end or you may witness a welcome spike in your finances. Either way, given that this isn’t something you can call, it’s best to invest prudently.

Due Diligence Trumps All Else

“Would you want to buy a house you haven’t personally visited or do a job without knowing the prerequisites?” asks Jorge Plaza Marquez. If the answer is no, then that same logic holds water in the cryptocurrency realm.

In the 21st century, given the sheer multitude of resources at our fingertips, there’s simply no excuse to invest without first understanding the underlying asset. Marquez recommends to understand, not just the currency itself, but also the broader terms of the environment.

Every coin out there has whitepapers online that allow investors to brush up on their knowledge on the objectives of the coin, its technical vision, the biggest initial coin offerings, niche altcoins and more.

Jorge Plaza Marquez

Jorge became President of Servimeca in 1998 and the company has since grown from strength to strength under his watchful eye. Using cutting-edge technology, Servimeca filters sand from oil, gas and water wells to provide a pristine product that complies with the highest standards of quality.

When he’s not engaged in business or traveling to Columbia and Venezuela, Marquez indulges in his third love; researching and investing in cryptocurrencies, and sharing his expertise with budding investors that need a leg up in the market.