Jorge Plaza Marquez is a Third-Generation Owner of Servimeca, a Leading Manufacturing Company

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Jorge Plaza Marquez Third Generation Owner of Servimeca Jorge Plaza Marquez Third Generation Owner of Servimeca
Jorge Plaza MarquezOil and gas have been one of the hottest commodities for decades. As a population, we often take for granted the methodology and work that it takes to bring these supplies into our daily lives and have them so readily available.

For nearly 60 years, there has been one company playing a major role in oil and gas via an intricate filtration system. Founded in 1958, Servimeca produces elite, top-notch products to filter the sand out of oil. When the oil is in a younger state and near the top portion of the surface, a lot of sand accumulates and intermixes with the oil requiring a process that Servimeca has mastered. Their filtration process is available for other entities as well, such as water well drilling.

Jorge Plaza Marquez is the third-generation owner of Servimeca and has served the company for over 30 years. Jorge Plaza Marquez explains his family’s expertise, “We have many products that numerous companies use on a daily basis. To name a few, the grooved pipes we produce are used for sand control in heavy and extra heavy oil wells due to having a flow area with higher pressure drops during production. The perforated pipes offer flexibility and a high water collection capacity due to their perimeter perforations. We’ve designed them to have the precise diameter and length to transport water, gas, and oil to the final disposal site in continuous segments.”

Servimeca has developed a loyal following of highly-regarded customers, some of those clients include, Chevron, Tenaris, Pipe Supply & Services and PanelMET to name a few. Servimeca is one of the most experienced companies, with a trajectory of decades of expertise and reliability, manufacturing sand control filters for oil, gas and water wells. Their pipe filters have different production and manufacturing concepts, which vary based on the needs and requirements of their clients. Servimeca has large storage areas, as well as available transport for the timely dispatch of their products.

A leader in its segment in the Colombian and Venezuelan markets, Servimeca manufactures its filters with cutting-edge technology and the highest quality and productivity standards. Jorge Plaza Marquez explainedfurther, “Servimeca is proud to repetitively gain recognition by our clients through a high scoring system of the reliability and quality of our products, as well as through the recognition of third party entities such as Fondonorma and IQ Net, by way of the ISO 9001 Certificate.”