Joseph Botkier | CEO of FX Direct Dealer Talks About the Future

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Joseph Botkier Joseph Botkier

Joseph Botkier | CEO of FX Direct Dealer Talks About the Future

Joseph Botkier

Joseph Botkier, before assuming the role of CEO at global trading firm FXDD,  was executive vice president as well as deputy general manager of Bank Brussels Lambert New York. In conjunction with Joseph’s experience in New York. Botkier also was general manager of treasury at bank Carpilo and vice president and treasurer of Credito Italiano.

“As an international trading firm, it’s important that FXDD has roots around the world, and we continually employ some of the smartest and most innovative people in the industry,” explained Joseph Botkier. FXDD was launched as a pioneer in the fx brokerage community empowering retail traders across the globe and giving them access to institutional liquidity utilizing innovative in-house  trading technology .”

With years of consulting experience, Joseph was employed as a master advisor to major financial institutions throughout central and eastern Europe. His career began in the 1970’s when Joseph Botkier took the role of deputy operations manager with The Harris Trust corporation of New York City, and as the assistant operations manager of the acclaimed Credito Italiano from 1974 to 1985. While with Credito Italiano, they were one of the first in the industry to trade currency futures. Posting profits yearly, Joseph assumed responsibility for futures and foreign currency dealings.

Shortly after, Joseph joined bank Carpilo in New York, as first vice president and deputy general manager. There, Joseph Botkierestablished Carpilo’s NY treasury operations, which consisted of trading money market instruments, as well as currencies and derivatives.

For a decade thereafter, Joseph held the position of senior vice president and treasurer with Bank Brussels Lambert (BBL) where Botkierled the foreign exchange department, money, and capital markets, as well as structuring and gaining funding for loan portfolios and asset management, truly transforming the bank during his tenure.


Joseph Botkier Recognizes Foreign Exchange Trading

During this time, Joseph launched a computer-based risk management system to evaluate treasury Instruments. While at BBL, Joseph also established a proprietary mortgage-backed securities portfolio . As well as an asset-backed portfolio, also managing a proprietary fund of over $500mm.

In 1997 Mr. Botkier launched the first ever leveraged high yield fund for BBL. While simultaneously creating and managing a proprietary fund participating in emerging market debt.

With Botkier’s background in developing trade strategies, Botkier is an expert in currencies. This includes euro bonds, derivatives, swaps, and high yield securities managing a total portfolio of $36 Billion.

Botkier has maintained decade-long relationships with some of the most respected banks. Botkier builds organizational systems that sustain long-term revenue. In additional to generate profits all the while identifying new and unique market opportunities for his clients and businesses.

With nearly 30 years of dedicated management experience, Joseph Botkier proudly serves as CEO of FX Direct Dealer, leading the future of trading with a global reputation.