Joseph Botkier is a leader in global trade markets who sets new standards for forex trading platform offerings

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Chief Executive Officer of FXDirectDealer (FXDD) Joseph Botkier is a leader in global trade markets who sets new standards for forex trading platform offerings. With an international career spanning decades of expertise, Mr. Botkier has built up a network of international relationships that FXDD platform users can leverage in their own trading ventures.

FXDD is an online trading power house that gives investors multi-market trading resources as well as access to a global network of potentially lucrative markets and investment options. FXDD CEO Joseph Botkier is the mastermind behind the program, and his decades of building trusting relationships within international markets allows him to provide users with a simple and intuitive trading platform.

“within the FXDD online trading system, users can trade various diverse and promising markets like forex pairs, energies, indices, metals and more,” Joseph Botkier says. “They can leverage market trends and fluctuations using our sophisticated data analyses within each class.”
By serving as an active member and leader in international trade for years, Joseph Botkier has built up an information system and a dynamic network of investors and traders which he introduces to users on FXDD’s online trading system.
Gaining the reputation and know-how to launch such a promising endeavor took Joseph Botkier years of experience in banking and trade. Before he was CEO of FXDD, Mr. Botkier served as Executive Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Bank Brussels Lambert, New York, where he gained a critical understanding of international markets. He also played integral roles as a consultant and advisor to major financial institutions in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, expanding his understanding of international relations and the various markets they participate in.
Earlier in his career, Joseph Botkier gained recognition as one of the youngest Bank Treasurers in New York. At an early age, he assumed responsibility for Futures and Foreign Currency Dealing and posted profits every year from 1976 to 1985. Afterwords, Joseph Botkier joined Bank Cariplo of New York as First Vice President and Deputy General Manager. In this role, he was directly responsible for establishing New York Treasury operations which consisted of trading money market instruments, currencies, and derivatives.

It wasn’t until years later that Mr. Botkier pulled all of his connections and know-how together to launch a sophisticated trading system and a global powerhouse brokerage firm for international investors. The FXDD trading system currently gives trading access to six lucrative markets, verified data to back up trends and help users make educated investments, and an unparalleled customer service team to ensure users can successfully navigate and make the most of their trading experience within the platform.
“We want to afford our users every opportunity to see big returns on their investments,” says Joseph Botkier. “Learning how the markets work and how to spot trends and be prudent about investing has been a long process, but I’m proud to say users today can leverage my experience for their own benefit within the FXDD trading platform.”