Joseph Botkier sets new investment standards

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FX Direct Dealer (FXDD) is a leader in global trade markets thanks to the contributions of its qualified founders and leaders. CEO Joseph Botkier sets new investment standards, utilizing decades of international experience in the finance industry to grow the company to new heights.

FXDD is a multi-asset trading resource that gives investors access to a global network of lucrative markets and investment options. The team behind FXDD provide unparalleled customer service and comprehensive tools for success, but the platform’s diverse offerings are only available to investors because of the know-how of its leaders and the relationships they built within the market.

Joseph Botkier helms FXDD with the world-renowned experience required to boost a forex trading product. His wide understanding of the industry––as well as his experience in international markets––empowers the FXDD brand and allows users access to a range of tools and resources esssential to success.

Before he took on his role as CEO, Joseph Botkier formed a solid reputation in finance by serving different institutions in leading positions. Mr. Botkier’s experience extends back to the 1970s, where he assumed the role of deputy operations manager with The Harris Trust corporation of New York City. A few short years later, he took on a similar role with the acclaimed Credito Italiano, where he built a reputation in finance from 1974 to 1985. In this role, Joseph Botkier took over responsibility for foreign currency dealings, a first for its time, which was only implemented around the world years later.
Later on, he assumed the role of vice president and deputy general manager for bank Carpilo in New York. He was an instrumental factor in the company’s future success, establishing Carpilo’s NY treasury operations and opening the bank to new avenues for growth.
After he paved a way for Carpilo, he took on the position of senior vice president and treasurer with Bank Brussels Lambert (BBL). There, he led the foreign exchange department, including money and capital markets, and further improved the bank’s reputation as a financial leader. Mr. Botkier worked extensively with high-profile loan portfolios as well as with asset management, providing him a robust understanding of diverse market trends. During his time with BBL, he released a highly-useful computer-based risk management system that evaluates treasury instruments.
While with BBL, Joseph Botkier also created and managed proprietary funds in emerging market debt and launched the BBL’s first leveraged high-yield fund. Since, he has encouraged growth, market understanding, and new paths to comprehensive investments in all his work.
Today, Joseph Botkier is an industry leader and a revolutionary in his field, offering powerful capabilities to interested investors. His experience in sustaining long-term revenue and generating new profits is evident in FXDD’s multi-asset success. As a global leader in trade, Mr. Botkier identifies new market opportunities and discovers optimal ways of leveraging them to secure long-term revenue and returns.