Practitioner Judee Fehsenfeld Explains Colon Hydrotherapy and How It Can Help Your Overall Health

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Judee Feshenfeld Judee Feshenfeld

WILSONVILLE, OREGON, USA, Practitioner Judee Fehsenfeld Explains Colon Hydro-Therapy and How It Can Help Your Overall Health

Colon hydro-therapy practitioner Judee Fehsenfeld discusses colon hydro-therapy and how it can help the patient’s overall health.

Judee Fehsenfeld is a leading colon hydro-therapy practitioner as well as the CEO of the Theta Wholeness Center in Wilsonville, Ore. She received her full certification in 2010, and has been treating patients as a Colon Hydrotherapist ever since. Judee Fehsenfeld recently explained colon hydro-therapy and how it can help a wide variety of patients.
Judee Fehsenfeld explains that colon hydrotherapy is one of many treatment options available at the Theta Wholeness Center. It is a therapy used to clear the digestive system, allowing the colon an opportunity to reboot and heal.
“It’s one of the safest and most effective ways to cleanse the colon when the process is performed by a qualified Colon Hydrotherapist,” Judee Fehsenfeld says. “This method of cleansing helps expel unwanted mucous, gases, residue and more while retaining essential nutrients.”

According to experts like Judee Fehsenfeld, colon hydrotherapy is one of the most comfortable ways to cleanse the colon. Warm water is gently infused into the colon painlessly. No chemicals are drugs are needed or used during this procedure. In fact, those who have experienced colon hydro-therapy first-hand often describe the experience as relaxing. The experience can even feel like a substantial relief if the patient is suffering from a clogged colon.
“The benefits of colon hydro-therapy area practically endless,” Judee Fehsenfeld says. “Removing all of that unwanted waste results in effects many patients are pleasantly surprised to see and feel.”
Judee Fehsenfeld explains that some of the benefits of colon hydrotherapy include the normalization of weight, a reduction of bloating, superior digestion, clearer eyes and skin, increased energy, and improved circulation. The immune system also becomes stronger allowing the body to fight other health issues more effectively.
“Following colon hydro-therapy, many patients experience fewer allergies, less arthritis pain, superior concentration, fewer headaches, a decrease in skin problems, and so much more,” Judee Fehsenfeld says.
Colon hydrotherapy has the ability to relieve countless patients of pain and discomfort they may be feeling. And those who aren’t currently experiencing pain will be surprised at how much better they feel following colon hydrotherapy treatment.

“The colon is an essential organ, and its health affects the way we function and feel on a daily basis,” Judee Fehsenfeld says. “So many people don’t know how much better they can actually feel with a simple, quick, and affordable colon hydrotherapy treatment.”
A colon with mucus plagues, encrusted residue, and other issues is one that can fail to keep the body healthy. This can cause the body to function less effectively, and in some cases, result in a number of chronic diseases. Experts like Judee Fehsenfeld hope patients will consider this drug- and chemical-free approach to superior health and wellness.