Justin McIntosh Williams Reviews Happy ColorTM — The Most Relaxing Game of All Time

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Justin McIntosh Williams Justin McIntosh Williams

For color-by-number lovers, there’s no game quite as addictive as the free online game, Happy ColorTM*, the internet’s most popular coloring book for adults. With a name like Happy ColorTM, you might expect this online game to be for children, but it’s not — it was created for adults, but children can play too. Here, Justin McIntosh Williams reviews the software and talks about how colors can make people happy.

It’s well known that certain colors can affect your emotions, Justin McIntosh Williams says. Art Therapy Blog* says, “warm colors – such as red, yellow and orange – can spark a variety of emotions ranging from comfort and warmth to hostility and anger. Cool colors – such as green, blue and purple – often spark feeligs of calmness as well as sadness.” If you’re interested in the psychology of colors, they even have a chart on the same page, which references some of the common psychological effects of colors. nThey say different shades of colors have different meanings, and the context around a color has an influence as well, Justin McIntosh Williams says.

And the colors in Happy ColorTM obviously make a lot of people happy. With over 130 million downloads, Google Play rates it as the #1 virtual coloring book with over 20 million active users each month. With 2000 free pictures inside the app and more added daily, there is plenty of coloring to keep your artistic side happy. Categories of pictures include animals, landscape, floral, horoscope, hobbies like sports, music, and board games, mandalas, mosaic, fantasy, and art to name a few.

Coloring these pictures is extremely easy, Justin McIntosh Williams says. No paper is needed, and there are no messy markers or colored pencils. Each image comes as a black and white pen drawing. To “color” an area, you just choose the color you want, and then touch the areas that contain the corresponding number to fill that spot with color instantly.

Some of the pictures feature colors in rich jewel tones. Others have muted calming shades. All are entirely different and hand-drawn according to the developer, X-Flow*. A quick peek at their site shows the company claims to have more than 50 employees working on its projects. “What’s surprising is the number of beautiful images they have available,” Justin McIntosh Williams says. The app comes with plenty on its own, and on their Facebook page, they give away more free pictures. Players can “earn” additional pictures to color by finishing predetermined sets, such as 5 mandalas or 7 floral pictures, and the images are so varied, it’s hard to create categories for some of them.

The software is intuitive as well, Justin McIntosh Williams says. If you must stop in the middle, the app knows where you left off, so it’s there at your exact place when you come back. This way you’re not left redoing something you’ve already done unless you want to — the colors inside each picture can be erased so you could start over if you really loved doing a certain picture. Then when you’re done, he says, the software plays back the picture you colored at high speed, in the order you colored it, so you can watch it come to life right before your eyes. The best ones have over a hundred different colors, he adds. It’s very relaxing to do, and the color combinations evoke a calming sensation once you’re finished. “I just wish there was a way to print them off when I’m done,” he adds with a smile.

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