Justin Williams Austin Texas Details Upcoming Major Game Releases

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Justin Williams Austin Texas Details Upcoming Major Game Releases Justin Williams Austin Texas Details Upcoming Major Game Releases

The holiday season brings with it a deluge of game releases, all vying for the covetous spot in that gift box under the tree or to be the result of a well-spent gift card. Justin Williams Austin Texas is happy to take a look at some of the most exciting releases in the coming months to help us make a more informed decision about which new video games to spend our hard-earned money on.

Justin Williams Austin Texas begins by listing off some of the greatest releases in recent months that are sure to be popular as presents this year. Death Stranding, the latest outing by famed game director Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, has met with mixed reviews due to its unique gameplay (it’s been described as a “package delivery” simulator, and while it’s a bit more in-depth than that, there is some technical truth to it). For those used to and expecting a more violent, action-packed game, Justin Williams Austin Texas advises maybe skipping over this one-but for others looking for an intelligent, well-written, undeniably weird experience (starring Norman Reedus of Walking Dead fame, no less), Justin Williams Austin Texas recommends giving it a shot.

Another popular choice of gift this holiday season, especially for children, are undoubtedly going to be the new Pokemon games, subtitled Sword & Shield. As the first major Pokemon release on a home console (rather than a handheld system), the graphics are much high quality than they ever have been before. Seeing their favorite Pokemon on the big screen alongside new characters is sure to put a smile on any kid’s face this Christmas, says Justin Williams Austin Texas.

As far as upcoming releases go, Justin Williams Austin Texas turns his attention to Cyberpunk 2077. The CD Projekt Red game has been drumming up attention for quite some time now, ever since the initial teaser trailer was released in May 2012. As the creators of the extremely well-received Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red already had the benefit of their audience’s goodwill. This year, it was revealed that Keanu Reeves would be granted a starring role in the game, with his amount of dialogue second only to the main player character. With a release date of April 16, this might be the release Justin Williams Austin Texas is most looking forward to.

Another release Justin Williams Austin Texas wants us to keep our eyes peeled for is Doom: Eternal. Doom: Eternal is a direct sequel 2016’s Doom, a reimagining of the classic game series. If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, Justin Williams Austin Texas points out this release would be a crime to overlook. The Doom series has always been synonymous with the first-person shooter genre, with the original released in 1993 being one of the earliest examples of the genre. In fact, Justin Williams Austin Texas indicates, the term “Doom clone” was actually more popular than “first-person shooter” until the late ’90s! With the 2016 reboot of the series being one of the best recent examples of a no-frills arcade shooter, Justin Williams Austin Texas has got his fingers crossed the upcoming sequel won’t disappoint.