Justin Williams Medical Laser Reviews Resident Evil 2

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Justin Williams Medical Laser Reviews Resident Evil Justin Williams Medical Laser Reviews Resident Evil

Justin Williams Medical Laser goes over the main differences in the recent remake of a classic horror game.

In 1998, the PlayStation saw the release of a survival-horror gaming classic: Resident Evil 2, published by Capcom. Twenty years later, Justin Williams Medical Laser takes a look at the recently released Resident Evil 2 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. While the name, locations, and basic storyline remains the same, the gameplay has received a complete overhaul for modern audiences. 

Justin Williams Medical Laser breaks down the biggest changes: the literal game-changer is the camera’s point of view. While the original relied on static camera angles and “tank” style controls for your main character, the 2018 release updates the camera to a behind-the-shoulder view with a modernized control scheme. 

Although almost too obvious to warrant mentioning, Justin Williams Medical Laser has to point out the massive increase in graphics quality. While the original was no slouch in the graphics department for its time (pre-rendered, static backgrounds allowed for a high level of detail by the artists), the new version is impressive even when compared to other modern games. The game runs on the RE Engine, a proprietary engine developed by Capcom which was first used for Resident Evil 7 (Another of Justin Williams Medical Laser’s favorites).

Fans of the original will also note that large portions of the game have been completely redone. This is more of a re-imagining than a remake, so don’t expect to be speed-running through the game just because you’ve got the original memorized. Justin Williams Medical Laser points out that while all the original areas of the game are represented, the floorplan is mostly different, along with locations of items and the items themselves. Puzzles have also been given an overhaul, so Justin Williams Medical Laser advises not to expect any infamous box-pushing puzzles while dodging zombies this time around.

If there are any negatives about this remake, Justin Williams Medical Laser points out the dumbing down of the original’s “zapping” system. At the beginning of both the original and the remake, you’re able to choose between two characters: Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie cop who’s having a very bad first day on the job, or Claire Redfield, who is in search of her missing brother. 

In the original, depending on the actions you take during your first playthrough, there will be significant changes on your second playthrough as the other character. While there is still a “second run” feature in place which changes the location of some items and makes other minor changes, it’s not as in-depth as the initial release’s system.

Despite all the changes, Justin Williams Medical Laser feels that this modern re-imagining of Resident Evil 2 retains the spirit and feel of the original. It’s still very much a survival-horror game: you may have access to multiples guns, but ammo is scarce, and more often than not it’s wiser to run than it is to stand your ground and attempt to fight your way out of a scary situation.

Overall, this is a worthy purchase for any Resident Evil fan, and the perfect game to run through before the Resident Evil 3 remake set for release in April of 2020.