Justin Williams Park City Utah Explores Game-Only Sequels to Movies

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Justin Williams Park City Utah looks at movies that had their stories continued in the virtual world.

Video games based on movies generally have a shaky track record, with very few of them offering any legitimately good value as a game. Justin Williams Park City Utah explains that in a lot of situations, this can be because the movie’s storyline doesn’t exactly lend itself to compelling gameplay (Little Nicky, the Game Boy Color game is one of many shining examples of this).

However, some games go above and beyond, instead of simply adapting a film’s plot, they provide a full-blown continuation of the story. Sometimes they benefit from the input of those who worked on the original and end up being worthy successors to their progenitors, as in the case of the Ghostbusters game. Sometimes, Justin Williams Park City Utah shares, the games are only tangentially related to the originals, such as in the case of Jaws Unleashed, wherein instead of being a tense horror, you control the shark and try to eat as many people as possible.

One of the best examples of a continuation of the original movie’s plot is 2005’s The Warriors. A sequel to the 1979 classic of the same name, The Warriors follows a New York gang as they battle their way across the city, facing down other gangs along the way. Besides being a legitimately fun game, The Warriors also expanded on characters from the original movie and provided a healthy sense of nostalgia for any fans of the movie. Created by Rockstar Games, the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series, it’s no wonder this one was a sleeper hit.

Scarface, on the other hand, could have done without a sequel, video game or otherwise, in Justin Williams Park City Utah’s opinion. Whereas The Warriors lends itself perfectly to expansion of its plot, Scarface seems like a pretty cut and dry warning about the dangers of power and greed.

Justin Williams Park City Utah explains the Scarface sequel game (titled Scarface: The World is Yours) supposes Tony Montana did not, in fact, die at the end of the original, but goes on to take revenge. While this is a complete 180 concerning the morals and message of the original, the gameplay itself was a hit and garnered positive reviews from most major outlets.

Another fantastic example of the video game movie sequel, Justin Williams Park City Utah says, is the Back to the Future series produces by Telltale Games. The Back to the Future series of games acts as a direct sequel to the original trilogy of classic films and takes a heavily story-based approach to its gameplay. Critics generally agreed that Telltale’s adventure game style was well suited to the cinematic nature of the Back to the Future movies, but some thought the puzzle-solving elements of the game were too easy.