Kale Abrahamson of Nine University Discusses The Four-Hour Workweek

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Kale Abrahamson is the co-founder of Nine University, an online training program that teaches how to set up your own Amazon e-commerce business from home. In this article, Kale talks about one of his favorite books of all time, The 4-Hour Work Week* by Tim Ferris, and how it changed his life. “It’s not a how-to book,” Kale of Nine University begins. “It’s more of a “let’s-change-your-mindset-and-then-see-what-we-can-do” type of book,” he says with a smile. In my case, mindset wasn’t an issue, he adds. But the book did help me think more like an entrepreneur,” Kale says.

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For those who want to work from home, Kale Abrahamson of Nine University says The 4-Hour Work Week is about starting and operating a successful, home-based business working only a few hours a week. Author Tim Ferris relays how he developed and expanded this idea into principles that can work for anybody. Now, with its newer and larger edition, The 4-Hour Work Week discusses how most people are working day-to-day, making other people rich. It teaches how to change your mindset from employee-thinking to entrepreneur-thinking. It’s this idea of a change in mindset that has helped catapult the sales to more than 2.1 million copies with translations in 40 languages worldwide, Kale of Nine University says.

With the rise of the digital evolution, this shortened-workweek concept has taken over. “It’s so easy to start your own business now,” Kale of Nine University says. The book helps because it shows you the “smart” way of working in today’s digital economy — by choosing income-generating activities and having other people do the work for you. This means prioritizing, automating, and delegating as many tasks as possible.

“One of the other things that made an impact on me,” Kale says, “was the information about virtual assistants. I had no idea there was such a thing.” Back in 2007, virtual assisting was more of a concept, he adds. Now in 2020, he says, it’s a multi-million-dollar industry. These are people working from every part of the world on any portion of an online business. You can get help with everything from social media to website creation to bookkeeping, and even marketing duties, Kale of Nine University says.

The book explores ways of creating a passive income from home using virtual assistants for the labor, Kale Abrahamson of Nine University says. It teaches the difference between working in your business and working for your business. The days of 80-hour workweeks are gone, Kale says. When you follow the principles outlined in the book, you won’t have to work 80 hours, he adds. “I know because I’ve used these principles for years,” Kale says. In fact, his company at Nine University incorporates everything he knows about working from home and setting up a real online business without breaking the bank. “It’s about working smarter,” Kale says, “and that’s exactly what we do.”

Kale Abrahamson is one of the co-founders of Nine University, an online e-commerce training program that teaches everything you ever wanted to know about starting a profitable online business selling Amazon products. Launched in April 2017 by Kale and his partner, Taylor Hiott, Nine University generates tens of millions in revenue each year for its clients and has grown to over 130 employees and contractors. Kale and his wife Samantha live in Downtown Pittsburgh and enjoy traveling the world in their spare time.

The 4-Hour Work Week* – https://www.amazon.com/4-Hour-Workweek-Expanded-Updated-Cutting-Edge-ebook/dp/B002WE46UW