Kam Habibi and Medical Miracles

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Kam Habibi and Medical Miracles


Kam Habibi sat down with us to go over medical miracles and how they happen. All parents ant a child that would develop to be talented, well mannered? Expecting mothers eat food, nutrients fluids and drink protein daily, to welcome the package of joy. What if 9 months of all of that nurturing results into something miraculous? Kam Habibi says it does.

Explaining medical miracles stumped many doctors, but not Habibi. When there is a mother expecting twins and unexpectedly doesn’t necessarily have to imply it was a miscarriage. Kam Habibi knows medicine.

WHAT HAPPENED? In children, they were regarded as a curse when their twin vanished from the mother’s abdomen. Question is where did it go? Even termed as miracles sometimes, these children were a challenge to deal with.

There are no concrete answers in also the stadium of medication to answer this, however, Habibi believes that two potential theories for this. First, when a woman conceives, during the first stages of monozygotic twin pregnancy, wherein the two fetuses share a frequent placenta, one fetus wraps around and envelops another.


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By drawing the host supply of blood the twin becomes a parasitism because his or her survival is contingent on the existence of his or her host twin. The twin lacks and develops some organs and consequently is unable to survive by itself. The host twin feeds the twins wrapped for the nutrients received on a single umbilical cord, she or he usually dies before birth. It can be an extremely differentiated form of a dermoid cyst or a matured teratoma- a tumor with tissue or organ components resembling into normal derivatives of one or more germ layer.

A teratoma will contain no organs, but rather more than one tissue typically found in organs like also the brain, liver, and lung, teratomas have been reported to contain hair, tooth, bone and, very rarely, more complicated organs or processes like eyes, torso, and hands, legs, or other limbs.

HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF-. A 36-year-old farmer had also the embryo of the twin brother removed in the city of Nagpur, India, in the year 2006. The man asked for medical help only after his swollen belly hampered his breathing. Doctors were sure that the man had an enormous tumor in his belly. Nevertheless, they found fragments of human genitalia, hairs, limbs, and jaws from the patient. Lastly removed a weird underdeveloped creature with legs and arms with nails long. In 2002, Indian physicians found a fetus within also the body of a six-month-old boy.