Karina Rusk Encourages Support for The Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey County

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Karina Rusk Karina Rusk

Former news journalist Karina Rusk has had an impressive career in broadcast news with reports featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS affiliate stations, in addition to contributions to CNN. She also makes community non-profits a priority as Rusk volunteers with and encourages support of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey County, which empowers local youth.

Karina Rusk has spent decades contributing to broadcast news stations and has demonstrated strong leadership in all her professional avenues. She’s worked both as an award-winning healthcare marketing executive, based primarily out of Monterey, California and as a former broadcast news journalist, based primarily out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her current work is focused on developing strategic communication plans and content for complex organizations and networks. She is considered an expert in public relations, media relations, government relations, marketing, health and wellness initiatives, and employee engagement.

In the past, Karina Rusk has donated her time to support various non-profit organizations such as Special Olympics, the Monterey County Reads program, created by The Panetta Institute for Public Policy, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County. Through the Clubs, she upholds their mission to better the lives of youth in the county by raising awareness of the cause and volunteering in a variety of roles.

She’s participated as emcee in the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey County Youth of the Year event, helping raise $160,000 in one evening to support the group’s mission. The money raised was used to continue and improve programs that help uplift Monterey County youth and help provide them with valuable skills.

The mission of the Boy and Girls Club is to ‘inspire and empower the youth of Monterey County to realize their full potential to become responsible, healthy, productive and successful citizens.’ The organization has been active in the county since 1968 and today operates two clubhouses that cater to an average of 500 children each day with high-quality programs provided by trained youth development professionals.

Many of the volunteers and supporters like Karina Rusk serve as trusted mentors and advocates for positive youth activities. Through an uplifting and fun environment, the Boys and Girls Club offers each child growth opportunities, recognition, and guidance from respected leaders. It’s the vision of the organization to inspire youth to perform well in grade school, graduate high school, complete post-secondary education or training, and earn a livable wage in a productive career path.

Ron Johnson, President & CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey County, believes the caring staff is part of what makes the Clubs special to the many families the organization serves. By engaging leaders like Karina Rusk, he is able to ensure a culture of good character, integrity