Katsia Lord Shares the Benefits of Practicing Yoga

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Katsia Lord Katsia Lord

Yoga studios started popping up across the United States in the 1980s, even though the practice originated in the Far East around the 11th century. It has continued gaining popularity due to the many health benefits for both the body and mind. People enjoy clearing their thoughts and improving their well-being while building physical strength and endurance.

Despite there being 14 different variations of yoga practice, Katsia Lord believes every one provides numerous benefits for the body.

1. Pain Relief

Making time to attend a yoga class just once or twice a week can reduce bodily pain and discomfort. Katsia Lord explains that yoga classes usually consist of about 40-50 minutes of stretching, relieving tense and rigid muscles. Many people sit at desks all day and lose their flexibility over time, which means it needs to be incorporated regularly.

Some yoga practices, in particular, such as Iyengar, Bikram, and gentle yoga, have been shown to improve the lives of people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Katsia Lord recommends these classes because slow, smooth movements reduce tension in joints.

2. Heart Health

Yoga relaxes the body and mind, reducing built-up emotional stress, which is known to increase blood pressure and narrow arteries. Katsia Lord notes that some yoga poses also support better blood circulation. When paired with deep breathing exercises, participants reported feeling less stressed and had fewer health episodes.

3. Strength

The practice of yoga challenges people to put their bodies into new positions that must be supported with muscle strength. Katsia Lord explains that many people choose to participate because they want to look toned or improve core strength. It is a well-rounded approach that can reduce your risk of injury and enhance daily life tasks. Additionally, yoga is an excellent option for people looking to work on their balance.

4. Digestion

As the body moves and twists through poses, so do the internal organs! All that movement can help people who suffer from indigestion or regular constipation by massaging and squeezing food along through the digestive tract. Katsia Lord notes that yoga also engages the lymphatic system, which removes toxins from our body. Many toxins cause problems with indigestion, so yoga is a win-win!

About Katsia Lord:

Since 1995, Katsia Lord has dedicated herself to the practice and teaching of yoga. She believes in the countless health benefits yoga has to offer and specializes in breathing techniques, body alignment, stretching, and mindfulness.
To help everyone reach their full potential, Katsia Lord offers modifications and advanced options for experienced students. She has a gentle demeanor and creates a warm, safe environment for students in her classroom.
In her spare time, Katsia Lord enjoys dancing, traveling, and studying yoga practices. She is passionate about bringing balance, health, and happiness into the lives of others. Family life is important to Katsia Lord, who shares three lovely children with her husband, Tom Lord.