Katsia Lord’s Tips for Decluttering Your Mind

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Katsia Lord Katsia Lord

Passionate yoga instructor, Katsia Lord, gives advice on clearing your mind so that you can feel calm and joyful. 

The average person spends between 24-40 hours per week consuming information online. We also work throughout the week and lead busy personal lives, leaving people feeling stressed and frazzled. Instead of shifting the blame, think about how your daily routine plays a role in how you’re feeling.

You may have a cluttered mind if it’s challenging to concentrate, and you often feel overwhelmed. Other signs include feeling restless and burnt out. Just like cleaning your house, Katsia Lord explains that clearing your mind can help you live a more productive and peaceful life.

  1. Take Technology Breaks

Stimulation is continuously available and convenient to access on mobile devices. We can engage with others on social media, play games, and read the news whenever we want in the palm of our hands. To help combat our addiction to constant stimulation, Katsia Lord recommends setting aside time to be technology-free.

Consider putting your phone away for family meals and in the evening before bed. Katsia Lord recommends starting your mornings without it as well. Instead of reaching for your phone, which can extend your daily morning routine, fill your time with more productive tasks like making a healthy breakfast. Pay careful attention to how much screen time you have per day and turn off social media notifications so that you’re less tempted to check your phone.

  1. Stay Bored

According to many research studies, downtime helps us learn and retain information. Instead of continually filling your mind with endless scrolling, spend more time with your thoughts. Katsia Lord believes that a relaxed mind opens the door to creativity, productivity, and problem-solving. Give yourself time to process everything that is happening in your life so that you can move forward in a clear, positive direction. Many people find themselves overcoming significant obstacles by embracing downtime.

  1. Be Mindful

Katsia Lord explains mindfulness as a practice in which we pay full attention to what we are doing at the moment. Whether you’re socializing with friends, writing a report, or cleaning your bathroom sink, mindfulness tells us to focus on it 100 percent. We can live in the moment of the present and be appreciative of what and who we have. Katsia Lord believes mindfulness also helps us be more efficient and make faster decisions. Let go of the worries in your mind and be aware of your thoughts and emotions.

  1. Embrace Nature

Everyone knows that exercise is beneficial to your physical health but did you know that it is also beneficial to your mental health? Spending time in nature has outstanding effects on our overall wellbeing. A walk in nature decreases activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is the area responsible for negative thought patterns.

Katsia Lord recommends taking a walk, visiting a park, or spending time in your backyard every day. Focus on deep breathing patterns, enjoy the animals and plants you encounter, and feel the weather all around you. Even spending just a few minutes per day will lead you to live a more peaceful life.