Kellie Robb Helps Clients Let Go of Unwanted Gifts

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Kellie Robb Helps Clients Let Go of Unwanted Gifts Kellie Robb Helps Clients Let Go of Unwanted Gifts

With the holidays coming up, the spirit of giving is in the air. But sometimes with the spirit of giving comes the guilt of keeping unwanted gifts. Keeping a gift that isn’t wanted doesn’t change the fact that it won’t be used or enjoyed. Kellie Robb of Los Angeles is a nutritionist and life coach that practices minimalism, helps her clients simplify their lives and has some tips for dealing with the fear of letting go of presents even those from close friends and family.

“Letting go of gifts we don’t want or need doesn’t make us ungrateful,” said Kellie Robb. “Chances are the giver won’t ask about the gift, so don’t feel guilty. It is much better to give the gift away to someone who will actually enjoy it and save that space in your home for something that will bring you joy.”

“My first tip is take it back!. If there is still a tag or gift receipt, I suggest returning the item in exchange for something that fits your lifestyle,” said Kellie Robb. “If someone gifts you an item with a receipt, don’t be afraid to use it. That’s why it is there.”

Kellie Robb continued, “You can also regift the item to someone who will appreciate it more. Use it as a white elephant gift, or use to show your appreciation to one of the many people in your life–a child’s teacher, mailman or woman, or a favorite hairdresser.”

“You can, of course, sell or donate the gift. Think about the ideal receiver of the gift. Is it worth selling the gift, or is there a specific shelter in town that could benefit from it? Essentials like socks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and sunscreen are often needed at shelters.”

“If you’re trying to live a more minimal lifestyle, the best way to avoid unwanted gifts is to be more communicative to those you are likely to receive gifts from,” said Kellie Robb. “Avoid dropping hints and just come out and say it in advance of holidays or a birthday. For most, it will take the pressure off of buying a gift, while others will buy you something regardless. It’s best to give them some alternatives that will help balance their love of gifting and your desire to live a simpler life.”

About Kellie Robb

Kellie Robb of Los Angeles is a nutritionist, lifestyle coach, minimalist, and exercise junkie. Kellie Robb enjoys writing about low-waste, sustainable living and crafting easy-to-make vegan recipes.

Kellie Robb of Los Angeles enjoys hiking, mountain climbing, biking, yoga, and meditating. Kellie Robb loves helping others achieve their goals in fitness, business, and health through coaching and holistic practices.

Kellie Robb of Los Angeles believes it’s not only important to stop and smell the roses, but to stop and smell every flower! Kellie’s dream is to help as many people she can live a simpler, but more fulfilled life.