Kellie Robb Lists Five Reasons to Go Vegan

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In today’s world, more and more people are taking into account the food they eat when it comes to their health. But there should be other considerations, says Kellie Robb, nutritionist, and vegan from Los Angeles, CA.

“Health is important, yes,” said Kellie. “But now more than ever it’s important to consider how we impact agriculture, wildlife, ecosystems, and people on a global scale. That’s why I recommend going vegan to my clients. Not only does it alleviate health issues, it’s good for the environment.”

Here are five good reasons to try a vegan diet.

  1. More Variety of Food

“People often stick to the meat and potato variation when it comes to their meals,” said Kellie. “I know I did. I grew up with meat, starch, and veg, and even a big glass of milk sometimes! Eating a plant-based diet actually brings in more variety to your dishes. From different types of grains, legumes, vegetables and meat alternatives, there are a million ways to use plant-based recipes that are both nourishing and filling.”

  1. Help Heal Health Issues

“Going vegan won’t cure all your health issues, especially depending on the quality of your vegan products,” said Kellie Robb. “However, I have seen in my clients that a diet rich in healthy plant-based foods has resulted in reversing a number of health issues including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and even symptoms of heart disease.”

  1. Save Some Money

“Cutting out meat will save you lots of money,” said Kellie. “Replace animal protein with staples like beans and lentils that have high amounts of protein to fill you up. Rice, farro, and quinoa are also healthy alternatives that you can stock up on and always have handy for quick weeknight meals. Tempeh and Tofu are both inexpensive and tasty meat replacements.”

  1. Help the Environment

“Meat and dairy products are responsible for 60% of agriculture-based greenhouse gas emissions,” said Kellie Robb. “A lot of land is needed for meat production, which contributes to major deforestation and destruction of ecosystems. Not to mention the billions and billions of water needed for the animals to drink and for their food source to grow.”

  1. We Don’t Actually Need Animal Protein

“We can get all the nutrients we need from plants,” said Kellie. “A vegan diet is good at any age and for any life stage. Athletes are capable of getting more than enough protein from plant-based foods, and are even known to perform better after a vegan meal than they would after a meat-based meal. All plants have protein. The animals we eat digest these plants. Veganism is just cutting out the middleman.”

About Kellie Robb

Kellie Robb is a nutritionist, lifestyle coach, minimalist, and exercise junkie. Kellie Robb of Los Angeles enjoys writing about low-waste, sustainable living and crafting easy-to-make vegan recipes.

Kellie Robb enjoys hiking, mountain climbing, biking, yoga, and meditating. Kellie loves helping others achieve their goals in fitness, business, and health through coaching and holistic practices.

Kellie Robb of Los Angeles believes it’s not only important to stop and smell the roses, but to stop and smell every flower! Kellie’s dream is to help as many people she can live a simpler, but more fulfilled life.