Chemist Kim Renee Dunbar Plenary Speaker at Congreso Nacional de Educación Química 2013

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kim renee dunbar kim renee dunbar

World-renowned chemist Kim Renee Dunbar gives Plenary speech at the 32nd National Congress of Chemical education in Guanajuato Mexico

kim renee dunbar
kim renee dunbar

The Chemical Society of Mexico, AC and the University of Guanajuato invited students, professors, researchers such as Kim Renee Dunbar and industrial chemists to participate in the 48th Mexican Chemical Congress, 32nd National Congress of Chemical Education and the 2013 Chemical Expo on August 31 to September 4, 2013, in the City of Guanajuato, Mexico, at the Hotel Real de Minas, where Kim Renee Dunbar gave a plenary speech.

The Chemical Society of Mexico (Sociedad Química de México; SQM) is a learned society (professional association) based in Mexico which supports scientific inquiry and education in the field of chemistry and were very happy to invite and have chemist Kim Renee Dunbar in attendance


Chemical Society of Mexico, AC, is a National Organization founded on March 16, 1956

Constituted on August 27 of the same year, by a group of illustrious chemists headed by the Chemists Rafael Illescas Frisbie and José Ignacio Bolivar Goyanes the Chemical Engineers Manuel Madrazo Garamendi, Guillermo Cortina Anciola and the QFB. María del Consuelo Hidalgo Mondragón.

Since its foundation, the Chemical Society of Mexico has brought together professionals and students of the chemical sciences; in addition to those interested in the development and strengthening of chemistry in the country, both in the industrial and academic sectors. Kim Renee Dunbar is often invited to national chemistry events to speak on her research.

The Society organizes two annual congresses, one for general chemistry and the other for chemical education. The Society also publishes the Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society (prior to 2005, Revista de la Sociedad Química de México). It also awards the annual Andrés Manuel Del Río and Mario Molina Prizes, as well as prizes for the best theses in chemistry at bachelors, masters and doctoral level.

In the next 10 years with Kim Dunbar

SQM will be the leading organization in the field of chemistry professional organizations in Mexico, with credibility and representation at a national and international level; increasing its contribution to the strengthening of the professional and academic sector, supported by its administrative transparency, commitments with its associates and participation in forums of public interest, as well as seeking the development of the human resources that comprise it.

Kim Renee Dunbar joined the faculty of Department of Chemistry of Texas A&M in 1999 after serving on the faculty at Michigan State University for 12 years where she was named a University Distinguished Professor in 2006. In 2015, Dunbar received the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry, the second female recipient of the ACS’s top award for inorganic chemistry in its 52-year history and has served as an Associate Editor of the ACS inorganic Chemistry journal for many years.

A leader in both chemical research and education, Kim Renee Dunbar is the first female Texas A&M Former Students’ Network (WFSN) Eminent Scholar Award winner. In 2012, Dunbar was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from her undergraduate alma mater at Westminster College in New Wilmington in 2012.

Prior to that, in 2004, Texas A&M named Kim Renee Dunbar the first Davidson Professor of Science and joint holder of the Davidson Chair in Science, meriting particular distinction as the first female chair holder in the College of Science.