Larry O’Bryan and TPC-KY Inc. Roll Out Custom QR Code Genealogy Tracking for Client GE Appliances

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TPC-KY Inc. isn’t only one of the nation’s most prominent label manufacturers and suppliers; it is an industry leader consistently improving and innovating. Recently, CEO Lawrence J. O’Bryan announced the company’s latest venture: custom computer software to provide GE Appliances with QR code genealogy tracking for all U.S.-manufactured products. GE is one of TPC-KY Inc.’s biggest clients, with whom the company has an exclusive contract to produce labels for all products in their North American manufacturing facilities.

Larry O'Bryan

TPC-KY Inc. has been leading the way with new technologies and adaptive strategies for many years. In 1989, the manufacturer pioneered the “barcode age” at GE Appliances, streamlining production with custom-designed multi-part assembly forms printed on laser printers.

The barcoded & serialized forms were used to track production figures at the GE assembly plant and manufacturing facilities, which improved efficiency and thus, profits.

Larry O’Bryan, TPC-KY Inc. and GE have been collaborating for over three decades. Through the years, TPC-KY Inc. has received several accolades for its outstanding contribution to GE.

QR (Quick Response) Code Genealogy Tracking is yet another technology that will streamline the manufacturing process. By scanning the QR code, a matrix of dots which reveals a wealth of information when scanned with a special device or smartphone camera, operators can discover details about the product without having to consult other individuals or departments to retrieve the information.

Investing in technologies like these is a no-brainer, Larry O’Bryan says. The CEO has always eagerly embraced change and looked for ways to do things better, whether it’s boosting a client’s production efficiency or enhancing customer experience.

Also the founder of Pro-Active Media, Larry O’Bryan demonstrated his trailblazing character in the political realm as well. He was the first political media consultant to produce and air political ads in hi-definition and was for many years one of Kentucky’s most respected political media consultants. Among other achievements, Larry O’Bryan led the successful Democratic effort to defeat four-term Republican incumbent State Senator Elizabeth Tori representing Hardin and Jefferson Counties. In 2012, he also provided the winning media for Court of Appeals Judge Irv Maze and Circuit Judge Angela Bisig.

Larry O’Bryan said he is excited for the future of TPC-KY Inc., which saw record growth in 2019 and added several new positions to its workforce. He also looks forward to many more years working with GE and utilizing more emerging technologies.

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