Larry O’Bryan Expands TPC-KY And Sees Record Growth In 2019

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Larry O’Bryan Expands TPC KY And Sees Record Growth In Larry O’Bryan Expands TPC KY And Sees Record Growth In

The owner and CEO of TPC-KY, Larry O’Bryan, recently expanded the workforce at his label manufacturing facility. 

In 2019, Larry O’Bryan saw the continued growth of his company as a chance to create additional jobs at TPC-KY, Inc. TPC-KY is a full-service supplier of labels, forms and barcodes located in Louisville, Kentucky. While they sell their products to many international companies, O’Bryan always strives to support local businesses and to provide employment opportunities for surrounding communities.

Larry understands the value of providing people a chance to better themselves. O’Bryan’s parents grew up poor, but he saw that their hard work and dedication allowed him and his siblings to have a better life. Larry’s parents invested their money toward their childrens’ education. His mother and father wanted to expand the minds and job opportunities of Larry and his siblings. And now Larry wants to pay it forward and provide other hard working individuals the opportunity to improve their lives and their futures.

TPC-KY has seen record growth in each of the last five years and that growth means an expanded workforce. And, as the company expands, O’Bryan understands that it provides opportunities for motivated individuals to create a better future. O’Bryan and TPC-KY have always supported diversity in their hiring practices and their recent expansion continued this pattern. Minorities currently account for 60% of the TPC-KY labor force.

One of O’Bryan’s business goals is to continually find ways to empower his community and the workforce. TPC-KY has continued to invest in its employees by offering high-end healthcare options at a cost that the employees can afford. This means that O’Bryan’s company must absorbi most of the growing cost of healthcare, but Larry believes that it is worth it to provide excellent benefits to his workforce. O’Bryan has also implemented profit sharing and a 401k retirement plan at TPC-KY with the company making contributions to each employee’s retirement even if the employees are unable to do so themselves. 

Today, Larry carries on his parents’ commitment to bettering the lives of others. Growth and expansion at TPC-KY has brought new jobs and with those jobs come new possibilities for people in the surrounding communities. 

Larry O’Bryan is dedicated to building a better community and to rewarding the efforts of his employees. He continues to focus on creating new jobs with world-class benefits so everyone has the opportunity to succeed.