Larry O’Bryan Of TPC-KY, Inc. Invest In New Technology To Improve Workplace Productivity

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Larry OBryan Of TPC KY Inc Invest In New Technology To Improve Workplace Productivity Larry OBryan Of TPC KY Inc Invest In New Technology To Improve Workplace Productivity

Larry O’Bryan is the CEO and owner of TPC-KY Inc., in Louisville. Larry O’Bryan grew up in Louisville, KY watching his parents transform old homes into livable apartments and their work ethic has had a lasting impact on his life. Together, O’Bryan’s parents increased the property values in once marginal neighborhoods and through their efforts, Larry saw how hard work and dedication can change lives.

Larry O’Bryan attributes much of his appreciation for business to his parents. It was their work ethic and steadfast dedication to developing homes that stayed with him over the years. As an adult, Larry adopted his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit and started his own company, O’Bryan Properties, where he renovated dilapidated, older properties in the Louisville, KY area. He became a successful real estate renovator and through this experience, he gained the knowledge and skills that he would later utilize as he pursued other business opportunities.

Larry would also become a part-owner of multiple Papa John’s pizza franchises, but greater success would follow as O’Bryan launched another new business, Pro-Active Media. Pro-Active Media was founded as a political media consulting business, and Larry would guide it to become highly successful with over 300 political campaigns under his belt, including local, state, & national political races. During his time at Pro-Active Media, O’Bryan became the most successful political media consultant and strategist in Kentucky.

Larry O’Bryan’s success in his previous endeavors eventually led him to invest in another business in 2006, when he acquired TPC-KY, Inc. TPC-KY is a major label manufacturer and supplier in Louisville, KY with a robust customer base that includes GE Appliances, Haier Appliances, Black & Decker and Thornton’s, Inc.

Despite being in a different industry than his parents, Larry still implements their childhood lessons – work hard and value quality and productivity.

Since his acquisition of TPC-KY, Larry O’Bryan has continued to invest in technology that will bring value to all of his clients. Under his ownership, TPC-KY has developed custom barcode printing software and an appliance model database management system for all of GE Appliances’ North American facilities. Larry O’Bryan has also invested in custom software to generate the GE Appliances QR code genealogy tracking labels. And, in 2019, Larry purchased additional laser printing equipment to ensure that TPC-KY is in a position to accommodate the continued growth and expansion at GE and Haier Appliances.

When asked about his latest tech investments, O’Bryan responded that “It was a no-brainer and it gives us a competitive edge with all of our clients.”

As businesses strive to compete in a constantly changing work environment, it is essential to utilize and implement modern technologies to improve production and efficiency, and Larry O’Bryan embraces this challenge.

During his lifetime, Larry O’Bryan has retained the essence of his parents’ work ethic and incorporated it into each of his business opportunities at O’Bryan Properties, Pro-Active Media and TPC-KY, Inc.

O’Bryan’s goal is to create tangible and sustainable opportunities for his employees and himself by following his parents’ model of hard work, persistence and dedication.

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