Larry O’Bryan of TPC-KY, Inc. Is A Pioneer Once Again For GE Appliances With The QR Code Genealogy Tracking

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Larry O’Bryan of TPC KY Inc Is A Pioneer Once Again For GE Appliances With The QR Code Genealogy Tracking Larry O’Bryan of TPC KY Inc Is A Pioneer Once Again For GE Appliances With The QR Code Genealogy Tracking

Larry O’Bryan is the CEO of TPC-KY and the provider of the QR Code Genealogy Tracking for GE Appliances.

This news is exciting, but it is not the first time O’Bryan and his team have provided a program for GE Appliances.

TPC-KY is a major label manufacturer and supplier in Louisville, KY. The company invests in select technologies to help improve efficiencies and growing investments.

In 1989, TPC-KY Inc. helped pioneer the “barcode age” at GE Appliances. Larry O’Bryan and TPC-KY made custom-designed assembly forms. Each was printed on high-quality laser printers. At the time, the technology and process streamlined the production of GE appliances.

Today, TPC-KY’s Larry O’Bryan continues to push the limits of new technologies. He is always looking to gain knowledge of processes that offer a high level of effectiveness.

Recently, O’Bryan invested in custom computer software. It provides GE Appliances with QR code genealogy tracking in the US.

Larry O’Bryan had this to say said about his recent investment: “It was a no-brainer. In today’s fast-paced business environment, investing in technology can propel a company to the head of the pack.

O’Bryan recognizes the importance of technology and its role in remaining relevant.

“As a value-added supplier, TPC-KY is proud to offer data management, custom printing software, and advanced laser printing technology. All are still used at GE Appliances and by many of our other customers,” Larry O’Bryan said.

Although Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) have been around since 1994, its growth has been slow.

The QR code is approximately the size of a one-inch square. The system is a type of barcode that contains a pattern of dots and needs a QR scanner or smartphone to work.

The scan reveals the hidden information from inside the pattern of dots. The data can include links to websites, photos, maps, and more.

It’s been thirty years since the initial TPC-KY and GE Appliances barcode collaboration. Over the decades, much has changed in the world of technology.

Today, Larry O’Bryan and TPC-KY have the software for QR Code Genealogy Tracking. It is an emerging technology that will simplify and integrate manufacturing processes for GE.

With a quick scan, GE manufacturing line operators can instantly learn details about appliances. It will save the company time and money. It will also help improve safety and communication among workers.

Thirty years ago, Larry O’Bryan of TPC-KY was a true pioneer. With the QR Code Genealogy Tracking, it shows, even after all these years, he remains one, still to this day.

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