Las Vegas Artist, Armani Izadi, Gives His 6,000 Sq-Ft Graffiti Mansion a Spooky Halloween Makeover

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Armani Izadi Armani Izadi

Armani Izadi is a household name in the world of viral media. The Las Vegas graffiti artist created ripples with his #GraffitiMansion project; a series of videos that document the creative process of his intricate graffiti murals, spray-painted across the outer facade of the 6,000 square-foot mansion he calls home. So far, the artist has given his mansion a makeover for Christmas, Halloween and even Fortnite.

Apart from his artistic pursuits, Armani Izadi has created quite the splash in the social media realm, amassing a staggering 180,000-strong following across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. The social media powerhouse has collaborated with industry heavyweights like Logan and Jake Paul, Jojo Siwa, Tanner Fox and Faze Rug and has unapologetically taken over the influencer market with his charismatic on-screen presence and quick wit.

Most recently, the Graffiti Mansion bore witness to another stunning makeover in tribute to Halloween 2019. Izadi released a video on Instagram, revealing the meticulous detail and planning that went into the making of this masterpiece. And in true Izadi style, the video treated viewers to a big-budget cinematic production with vibrant costumes, smoky effects and a whole slew of paint supplies to top it all off.

Staying true to his signature humor, Arman Izadi donned a “mad scientist” trench coat and goggles saying, “It’s been 5 months since the last graffiti mansion project. I’ve spent all my time laying out plans, inch by inch, sketch by sketch, can by can.”

In the video, Armani Izadi and his team painted graffiti versions of themselves decked out in Halloween garb. The mural even featured some well-known monsters from cultural lore like Freddy Kruger, Chucky, Pennywise, Frankenstein’s monster, and Jason. Of course, no Izadi mural would be complete without the cherry on top of the cake; the jagged “Muhaha” text sprawled right over Izadi’s likeness.

Viewers were clearly impressed with one gushing in the comments, “This was AMAZING to watch! Such art! Such talent! Love your work as always.”

This isn’t the first time Armani Izadi has gone all out for Halloween. Last year, he showed his softer side when he carved over 500 pumpkins for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Nevada. His influence was so massive, over one hundred people showed up to watch the action unfold and this even drew the attention of a handful of local news channels.

Arman Izadi has proven his entertainment chops on more than one occasion. Starting his career as an entrepreneur, he has moved the needle for businesses through his acumen in event production and business development.

The entrepreneur has taken his online empire to unprecedented places, drawing in impressive numbers in just a few years. With his amazing business acumen and eye for the next viral trend, the businessman definitely has big plans in the pipeline.

Arman Izadi believes art can transform people and help them embrace the bigger picture. As a nod to his own humble story, Izadi uses his massive influence to inspire budding artists and entrepreneurs to constantly challenge themselves beyond what they thought was possible.