Laura Powell Combines Yoga and Ayurveda to Achieve Wholeness and Improve Well-being for Her and Her Kids

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Laura Powell Yoga and Ayurveda Laura Powell Yoga and Ayurveda
Laura Powell

Laura Powell has studied yoga techniques and Ayurveda practices for years, learning how their physical and mental benefits can improve overall well-being. She shares her insight with readers in the hopes that they will adopt similar practices to achieve greater wholeness for them and their children.

Laura Powell is a graduate of St. Edwards with a degree in Communications. Pursuing a passion for dance in her spare time, she experimented with various styles and eventually gravitated towards yoga as a regular activity. Yoga sessions helped increase her core power, but by studying the different aspects and teachings she learned that yoga could play a larger role in her mental and physical health.

“Yoga can lead to mental clarity and calmness, firmer muscles, and increased strength as well as alleviate stress and anxiety,” says Laura Powell. “And Ayurveda practices work with yoga to rid the body of impurities and achieve a healthier mind, body, and spirit.”

Ayurveda (also known as Ayurvedic medicine) is a whole-body system of healing that was created thousands of years ago and remains one of the oldest holistic forms of medicine in use today. Ayurveda is focused on a delicate balance of mind, body, and spirit that contributes to good health and overall wellness. By promoting good health from head to toe, Ayurveda helps people overcome common illnesses and health problems that may prevent them from living their best lives.

By combining yoga sessions with Ayurvedic teachings and practices, Laura Powell believes anyone can achieve a greater wholeness and sense of peace without having to rely on supplemental medicine. She became an avid student of both yoga and Ayurveda and developed mild forms of each to help kids achieve greater peace.

“The more I’ve learned, the more I realized that the techniques I was learning could help kids in so many ways,” says Laura Powell. “As a mother, I quickly saw the value of teaching these principles. The creativity, bonding of all different types of children, and positive affirmations made a noticeable difference in not only their behavior but how they interacted at home, school, and with each other.”

She looked to various studies to understand how meditating in school vastly improved students’ performance and behavior. Focusing on aerial yoga, she discovered unique aspects that are especially beneficial for children with sensory and attention deficit issues––mainly because it opens their eyes to mindfulness and body awareness.

As a mother of two, Laura Powell began using yoga methods to improve her own children’s’ well-being, teaching other parents useful yoga techniques along the way. This helped her to grow in her own understanding of yoga as well as give her kids a new and exciting extracurricular activity that benefits their health.

“I think parents doing yoga alongside their kids and teaching them different poses and practices will go a long way for a healthier, happier existence for everyone,” says Laura Powell.