Laura Powell Earns Ayurveda Certification After Years of Coursework

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Laura Powell Ayurveda Certification Laura Powell Ayurveda Certification
Laura Kathryn Powell TexasLaura Kathryn Powell, from Austin Texas, is a professional event planner with a passion for yoga and wholesome methods of attaining peace, exercise, and happiness. She earned her Ayurveda certification after many hours of practice and course instruction to professionally apply teachings with clients.

In addition to a vigorous yoga schedule, Laura Powellbalances her professional life by practicing Ayurveda, a whole-body system of living. Through this practice, she is able to manage the stress of day-to-day life easier and better prepare for her duties as a professional and as a mother.

Through Ayurveda, observers learn to naturally eat healthily, strengthen their digestive system, and live a more wholesome life. Ayurveda and yoga teachings together can encourage a much healthier state of being than the average individual experiences with increased core strength alongside a range of physical and mental benefits.

She’s learned that combining Ayurveda with yoga is a resourceful tool to rid the body of impurities and achieve a healthier well-being. From that, she says, flows a more peaceful mind, body and spirit. The practice has survived for thousands of years as a holistic form of medicine with millions of people around the world regularly practicing today. By following Ayurveda, people often overcome common illnesses and achieve a happier, more positive life.

After following Ayurveda instruction and discovering real results in her own life, Laura Powell decided to officiate her expertise through a certification course that would prepare her to help others achieve the same wholeness.

“Not all health solutions require expensive medications, especially if people just want to be healthier in general,” says Laura Powell. “With Ayurveda, we learn things like how sleep affects our overall health and how what we put into our bodies will have direct effects on how we feel.”

To earn her certification, Laura Powell spent hundreds of hours in a program where she learned the fundamentals of the approach to wellness and completed required training to work independently with clients. Half of her program was dedicated to presentations and course readings totaling dozens of lessons, which was necessary before moving onto the second and more specialized half of the teachings. Once students completed fundamentals, they enter a period of clinical mentoring where they take on clients in paced and observed teachings.

The program is hands-on and intensive to ensure that each graduate can successfully practice as well as teach Ayurveda to others. It required students like Laura Kathryn Powell to apply practical knowledge of the fundamentals such as diet, sleep patterns, lifestyle choices and more. In addition, they learned about various herbs that can be used to achieve a healthier digestive system and a clearer mind among other benefits.

“As a certified instructor, I use Ayurveda to help others achieve the wholeness and healthy living I’ve achieved,” says Laura Powell. “The course opened my eyes to the health potential in Ayurveda’s teachings, and I’m glad to share what I’ve learned with my clients through tailored instruction.”