Lawrence J. O’Bryan Reflects on His Career As Louisville’s Most Successful Political Media Consultant

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As the 2020 presidential election draws nearer, campaign ads and news reports are dominating media outlets across the country. While the politicians themselves are in the spotlight, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes superheroes working tirelessly to propel their respective candidates to the top. Lawrence J. O’Bryan, CEO at TPC-KY, Inc., knows better than most of the effort, drive, and passion required to run a successful political campaign. The businessman is also the founder of Pro-Active Media and was the most successful political media consultant and strategist in Louisville, KY.

Lawrence O’Bryan made his first foray into politics working in the 1980 Kentucky General Assembly during Governor John Y. Brown’s administration. After graduating from Western Kentucky University in 1981 with a double-major in government and journalism, he also worked for the Kentucky Democratic Party in 1982.

His education and experience, along with his keen interest in politics, drove him to pursue what would be an illustrious career in media consulting and political strategy.

He went on to secure dozens of wins for many prominent Kentucky politicians throughout the decades.

Among his numerous achievements over the years, Lawrence “Larry” O’Bryan in 2010 led the successful Democratic effort to defeat four-term Republican incumbent State Senator Elizabeth Tori, representing Hardin and Jefferson Counties. His campaign strategy blended broadcast TV, cable, direct mail, and phone calls into a seamless, concise and compelling message that motivated target demographics. The campaign was praised by political observers as the driving force behind the Democrats’ victory.

But Larry O’Bryan has never been one to settle. While receiving accolades for his part in the parties’ defeat of the first incumbent Republican state senator in 20 years, he simultaneously protected and won multiple Democrat-held seats in Jefferson County. These included Jefferson County Sheriff and County Attorney. Also in 2010, he secured seats for three judgeships in Jefferson County District and Circuit courts.

Just two years later in 2012, Larry O’Bryan helmed the winning media campaign for Court of Appeals Judge Irv Maze and Circuit Judge Angela Bisig. He also produced hard-hitting ads addressing Chris Theineman and helped Senator Perry Clark secure a victory over his opponent, despite not being as well-funded.

Today, Pro-Active Media’s client list includes dozens of high-ranking political officials from Kentucky and beyond.

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