Lawyer Nicholas Hicks Breaks Down New York’s Siena Poll Results

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According to Lawyer Nicholas Hicks, former Vice President Joe Biden leads Democratic Primary.

Results are released from the 2019 Siena Poll in New York. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes one key takeaway is former Vice President Joe Biden’s 10% lead among democratic voters. Back in October, Biden averaged 21% of supporters. That number has increased to 24% in just a short time.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have been neck and neck in the race, with Warren earning 14% and Sanders earning 13% of support. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes that all other democratic candidates have fallen short in the race with single-digit backing from New York Democrats. The people are narrowing in on their top choices, which means the pressure is on for these candidates moving forward.

Despite the recent struggles in Biden’s candidacy, he has managed to remain at the forefront. His poll numbers weren’t promising in Iowa, and his son has been in the spotlight surrounding President Donald Trump’s impeachment due to his role as a board member for a Ukrainian company. Still, 35% of Democratic voters think he has the best chance of winning against Donald Trump in the next election.

The Siena Poll also got data in regards to support for the impeachment of Donald Trump with an equal amount of democrats supporting and not supporting the movement. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks explains that up until this past month, independents have been equally divided on the issue as well. Now, 59% are against the president’s impeachment and removal from office.

 New York has long been a Democratic-majority state. It should come as no surprise to find that Trump remains unpopular, with 65% of voters having an unfavorable opinion. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes that Donald Trump recently moved from New York to Florida and officially changed his primary address of residence.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, saw a decline in his popularity rating. Results show that 49% of voters do not like him. In October, results for Cuomo were more promising, with a 49% favorable rating. Additionally. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks reveals that Cuomo’s job performance rating also dropped from 41% to the current rate of 35%.

These results are all based on a poll of 797 registered voters in New York. The survey was conducted between November 12th and November 18th. Lawyer Nicholas Hicks notes that the poll has a margin error of 4%.

About Attorney Nicholas Hicks:

Starting from an early age, Nicholas Hicks was rescued from NYC foster care at the age of 5 years old. Nicholas Hicks attended both public and private schools where he eventually graduated from ECC, UB & UB Law School.