Lee Bressler Continues to Champion AI Revolution

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Lee Bressler Continues to Champion AI Revolution Lee Bressler Continues to Champion AI Revolution

Lee Bressler Continues to Champion AI Revolution

Investment industry professional Lee Bressler shares his thoughts on the continuing artificial intelligence revolution.

Lee Bressler
Lee Bressler

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2019,/EbizNewswire/ — As the buzz surrounding artificial intelligence and machine learning continues to intensify, now is a pivotal time for these and other associated burgeoning technologies according to Lee Bressler, an equity fund portfolio manager based in New York City.

“Last year was something of a pivotal time for AI and machine learning,” explains NYC-based Bressler, “and continuing advances within the field could make this year something of a goldmine in terms of utilizing and applying these and associated technologies.”

Bressler believes it’s a market that is about to truly explode. “Right now, especially in terms of machine learning, there isn’t a single industry out there that wouldn’t benefit from adopting one or more aspects of the technology,” suggests the highly experienced portfolio manager.

Indeed, from the automotive industry to the healthcare sector, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies are already revolutionizing countless aspects of businesses and industries across the board. “Take a look at the stock market, for example,” says Bressler, “where a group of researchers recently employed machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to successfully predict market performance.”

This, he says, was achieved solely based on publicly available documents, demonstrating perfectly the true power of AI, particularly when paired with constantly evolving machine learning processes and practices. “Machine learning and AI technologies today allow us to, in essence, accurately predict the future by utilizing data collected in the past,” adds Bressler.

He continues, “From our homes, where many of us now routinely rely on devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, HomePod by Apple, or Google Assistant, to growing applications within all aspects of business, AI is becoming a part of day-to-day life almost right across the board.”

So, what’s next? “Deep learning,” suggests Lee Bressler as he points toward numerous ways in which hardware accelerated computing is already beginning to influence businesses and their processes. “Studies have shown that deep learning frameworks and neural networks—computer systems which are modeled on the human brain and associated nervous system—are able to reproduce essentially any function imaginable,” says the New Yorker.

With computers now faster and more powerful than ever before, and with large enough data sets now readily available, it’s today possible—according to Bressler—to achieve what would’ve been almost unimaginable just a few short years ago.

“Deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies have never been more valuable or relevant to business success than they are right now, and will only become more important as the AI revolution continues to gather pace,” he adds, wrapping up.

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