Lee Bressler Explores Two Promising Tech Stocks 2018

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Lee Bressler Explores Two Promising Tech Stocks 2018


Lee Bressler

Both slated for long-term growth potential by experts, graphics chip specialist NVIDIA, and e-commerce and cloud computing services behemoth Amazon currently represent two of today’s ‘best in class’ long-term technology industry stocks, according to Lee Bressler.


An equity portfolio manager, Bressler, and others in the industry are pointing firmly toward NVIDIA and Amazon, with portfolio manager Bressler referring to the pair as what he calls ‘best in class’ stocks, each with excellent long-term growth potential.


“In the last financial year, NVIDIA’s data center revenue soared by in excess of 130 percent,” he explains, “thanks in no small part to the continued, now-widespread adoption of cloud computing in almost every industry worldwide.”


Bressler further reveals that the company’s bread and butter business—the graphics chip specialist’s gaming revenue—also climbed an impressive 36 percent in fiscal 2018.


Lee Bressler Looks to Graphics Chip & E-commerce Industry


NVIDIA is doubly interesting to Bressler as the equity fund portfolio manager. Maintaining a keen focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. “Two of the graphics chip specialist and data center giant’s fastest growing platforms involve professional visualization and automotive industry technology, the latter of which is based around artificial intelligence-powered self-driving vehicle solutions,” he adds.


After NVIDIA, Bressler turns to an online retailer and cloud computing services behemoth Amazon. Bressler suggests a massive opportunity for further growth in this sector.


Bressler points out that while e-commerce contributes much of the company’s revenue. Graphics-chip specialist NVIDIA, its current profit engine can be found in its cloud computing services arm. Known as ‘Amazon Web Services,’ sales soared by just shy of 50%. Exceeding $6 billion in the second quarter of 2018. “This,” says Bressler, “accounted for 12% of the company’s total revenue during the same period.”


Indeed, Amazon today commands upwards of a third of the entire global cloud services sector.


Highlighting other recent and potential future successes within Jeff Bezos’ Amazon empire. Bressler reveals that big plans are afoot for the retailer having recently acquired Whole Foods. “Through its acquisition of Whole Foods and by teaming up with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase.”