Lee Bressler Looks At Emerging Technologies Within Financial Services

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Lee Bressler Looks At Emerging Technologies Within Financial Services Lee Bressler Looks At Emerging Technologies Within Financial Services

Lee Bressler Looks At Emerging Technologies Within Financial Services

New York City equity fund portfolio manager Lee Bressler explores emerging financial services sector technologies.

Lee Bressler
Lee Bressler

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 21, 2018,/EbizNewswire/ —  From blockchain and digital assets to artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, equity fund portfolio manager Lee Bressler from New York City explores emerging technologies and how they’re changing the landscape of the financial services industry.

“Cutting edge and emerging technologies are no longer merely an important consideration for the financial services industry,” suggests Bressler, “they’re a necessity.”

As multi-billion dollar global financial services businesses—such as Japan’s SBI Group—begin to adopt blockchain and other emerging technologies, others will be required to follow suit, according to the equity fund portfolio manager. “Under CEO Yoshitaka Kitao, SBI Group has committed heavily to blockchain and cryptocurrency this year,” he explains, “investing in San Francisco-based startup Ripple in order to better facilitate its efforts in this area.”

Also known as Strategic Business Innovator Group, the Tokyo-based financial services organization, which also operates its own graduate and business schools, as well as a children’s charitable foundation, is further understood to be exploring additional, broader applications for blockchain, according to Lee Bressler. “SBI Group,” he explains, “is believed to be exploring applications for blockchain technology which center around travel and hotel bookings, food safety, and social media, in addition to its financial services industry endeavors.”

An area of particular interest for Bressler, and a further focus of attention for SBI Group, the portfolio manager next points toward artificial intelligence. “Every financial services sector business should be leveraging artificial intelligence,” he says, “in order to do everything from streamlining processes to offering superior levels of customer service.”

From the assessment of loan applications and the assertion of stock transactions to providing more personalized experiences to customers, Lee Bressler suggests that artificial intelligence is increasingly being employed by the financial services industry in all manner of areas.

He’s also keen to highlight a recent rise in the adoption of robotic process automation, a fast-growing trend, particularly within financial services. “Rapidly accelerating once highly manual, often extremely repetitive processes, robotic process automation is doubly valuable when combined with the advances being made surrounding artificial intelligence technology,” Lee Bressler explains, pointing in particular to the value of robotic process automation in fraud detection and credit assessment and underwriting.

“This combination of artificial intelligence technology and robotic process automation also has the added benefit,” he adds, wrapping up, “of allowing skilled members of staff to focus on what’s often referred to as more ‘value-added’ work which such technologies cannot readily tackle as it currently stands.”

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