Lindsay Hofford’s Efforts to Build Arizona Hockey

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Arizona has long been known as a snowbird destination, a place where Canadians by the hundreds flock to when they want to warm up and get away from the frigid cold winter up north. However, as it turns out, one of their own has been incredibly busy in bringing a Canadian National pastime to the Southwest state as well. Lindsay Hofford is well known in professional hockey circles as a doer and maker for the sport.

Lindsay Hofford Pro Hockey Development one of the biggest hockey development companies in Ontario
Lindsay Hofford Pro Hockey Development one of the biggest hockey development companies in Ontario

A Solid Resume Supporting Hockey in the Southwest

Hailing originally from Woodridge, Ontario, Lindsay Hofford started serious activities in Arizona when the Arizona Coyotes picked him up in 2018. The franchise was a new upstart among many growing in the U.S. The ice sport has garnered popularity, particularly with college kids now looking for more serious in a professional team. Dozens of states now have professional hockey teams, and the Coyotes picked up Hofford to help with scouting and recruitment. Lindsay Hofford himself was no shot in the dark; he brought to the job a quarter of a century of experience in coaching as well as professional hockey development in scouting.

The Fans Make Up the Drive

One of the things Lindsay sees as a critical support feature of Arizona is the local support for the sport. Combine the fact that there is a common contingency of Canadians visiting every year, a thriving college environment that wants and loves the sport’s entertainment, and a thriving community of talent hungry for a chance to prove themselves professionally, and you have a win. Hofford saw the potential early on, which was why he made the big jump from up north down into Arizona, where the summers can quickly reach over 120 degrees on hot days.

Looking Forward in 2021

Lindsay Hofford doesn’t expect great miracles to happen and make Arizona the hockey capital of the world. However, there’s nothing wrong with making the region a thriving stop on the circuit for solid and well-built home teams as well as excellent sports entertainment from visiting competitors. Just because Arizona is predominantly arid and the desert doesn’t mean the state can’t have hockey as well. And Lindsey Hofford is going to do everything he can to keep the sport growing locally. After all, ice rinks make for an excellent cooling-off location as well when it gets a bit too toasty outside in Arizona.