Lisaveta Ramotar Reveals Her Favorite Retail Store for the Busy Career Woman

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LIsa Ramotar

Every once in a great while, someone will discover a retail store they absolutely love and can’t stay away from. Lisaveta Ramotar says this is one of those times, and she’s telling everyone about it. The company Lisa Ramotar is talking about is Sephora*, the multinational chain of makeup and beauty care products. “I don’t work for them, and I don’t get commission by saying this,” she begins, “but I just love that store!”Lisa Ramotar

Lisaveta Ramotar obviously isn’t the only one who loves Sephora since it’s been around quite a while. The company started in 1969 in Paris, France, and opened its first store in the United States in New York City in 1998. Lisaveta Ramotar says Sephora stores feature a wide variety of beauty products from over 300 retail brands as well as its own line of makeup, skincare, and accessories.

In March 2017, Sephora opened its largest store ever* in New York at Herald Square. “It’s a huge store,” said Lisaveta Ramotar. This store located is over 11,300 square feet, and Lisa Ramotar says it’s hard not to get lost in there since there’s so much to see and do. That store has about 25% more products than any other Sephora store, she adds. It’s her favorite store in the U.S., and Lisa Ramotar says she looks for a Sephora store in every country she travels to. “Some people have normal hobbies,” Lisa Ramotar laughs, “while I have Sephora shopping as mine.”

When Lisaveta Ramotar can’t visit one of the retail stores to get her shopping fix, Lisa Ramotar says she goes to their website. “It’s so convenient to just go online and order them,” she adds, “especially when I’m really busy.” Like other retail giants, Sephora does a lot of business online and has had an online presence since 1999 in the U.S. and in Canada since 2003. Expanding on their online presence, in 2016, Sephora launched a monthly subscription service* with sample-sized products for a monthly fee of just $10.00. Each month’s box is mailed to your home and contains a collectible bag with five different premium products from their brands of makeup and skincare. “I love getting my box every month – it’s almost like getting a Christmas present in your mailbox,” Lisa Ramotar says. (As of this writing, the subscription service is only available in the U.S.)

Lisaveta Ramotar says she has a hard time deciding on her favorite product. “There’s just too many I like,” she says. However, one that she uses on a regular basis that she highly recommends is called Hair Sleeping Mask*, and it’s a relatively new product from Sephora. “I love the shea one,” Lisa Ramotar says, although it also comes in coconut, rose, acai, and dragon fruit scents, she says. It’s the best product I’ve ever used for my hair,” Lisa Ramotar explains. “This product really makes the hair manageable and soft adds shine and removes tangles”, Lisaveta Ramotar says. This one not only meets but continues to exceed my expectations,” Lisa Ramotar explains with a smile. “I just can’t help but talk about it.”

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