Luke Zakka Explains 3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

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Luke Zakka Explains Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business Luke Zakka Explains Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

Technology is integral to modern business. Whether you run a start-up or small firm or a Fortune 500 company, you and your staff likely rely on tech solutions for various tasks throughout the day. As technology becomes more integrated into daily life, a solution is needed to enhance and streamline security and storage. That solution is the cloud. The cloud consists of several services and functions, and its particular applications depend on your needs and the provider you work with. Whatever iteration of the cloud you use, there’s no doubt it can be a tremendous boon to your business. Luke Zakka, a Greenwich resident and DevOps Consultant at Amazon Web Services, works to help businesses increase agility, automation, security, and efficiency while reducing complexity and costs. He does this in part through moving companies to the cloud.

Throughout the years, he has witnessed firsthand the benefits of cloud computing for businesses of all sizes. Here are three of the most significant.

3 Reasons to Use the Cloud for Business

1) Cut Costs
Traditional servers can be expensive. The equipment can be costly up-front, plus it requires personnel and power to stay running. Cloud-based computing and web-based applications, on the other hand, involve storing data off-site. This means there’s little up-front cost, as you don’t need to purchase new equipment. Furthermore, your cloud provider likely has unlimited storage capacity, providing you with the option to pay only for what you use.

2) Boost Security & Performance
Data on the cloud is stored at a server farm managed by personnel who closely monitor the health and performance of all hardware and software, ensuring all is secure and running smoothly. Also, if your office computer malfunctions, data that would typically be lost will still be safe on the cloud. Most cloud service providers offer automatic software updates and round-the-clock security monitoring as well.

3) Flexibility
With an increasing number of businesses and entrepreneurs embracing remote work, being able to access data remotely is a huge plus. With cloud computing, you can securely access data from just about anywhere in the world. This is fantastic for collaborations between people at different locations as well.

More on Luke Zakka Greenwich

Luke Zakka started his career building out the technology infrastructure necessary to support manufacturing plants. In these formative years, he learned what it took to be a leader and to drive initiatives for a burgeoning business. As Amazon Web Services (AWS) began to shift services to the cloud and embrace free and open-source software, Luke Zakka’s focus shifted. He worked with the American Kennel Club to support an IoT dog collar powered by the cloud and then assumed a leadership role at RiskMatch, a data analytics company. At present, Luke Zakka lives in Greenwich and works as a DevOps consultant for Amazon Web Services, driving business and technology outcomes for Fortune 100 companies.

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