Luke Zakka Explains 4 Benefits of AWS for Business

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Luke Zakka who is currently working as a DevOps consultant, explains how AWS can benefit your business.

4 Reasons to Use AWS for BusinessLuke Zakka of Greenwich

1) Startup Services
While he now works with established Fortune 100 companies, Luke Zakka is passionate about helping startups get off the ground. AWS Activate is one of AWS’ startup-specific services geared toward burgeoning entrepreneurs. It provides training and resources, as well as AWS Promotional Credit and Support. Airbnb is one major startup that’s used AWS to get going.

2) Storage
Any business can benefit from more secure storage space. AWS offers flexible storage services that allow you to purchase cloud space on an as-needed basis. You have control over who can access it and you can use AWS’ services to establish data, transcoding, analytics, and archive applications. Because it is stored on the cloud, your data is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection (or you can choose location-specific hosting if needed).

3) Ecommerce Flexibility
Most modern retailers have some e-commerce component. AWS offers a range of cost-effective and flexible solutions, such as site hosting and order processing. AWS also provides ways for customers to pay using their preferred systems, which may include Google and Apple Pay.

4) Big Data Management
As your business grows, you’ll need a robust data application manager. AWS provides a range of options including warehousing, analytics, Internet-of-things, fraud detection, and recommendation engines. Netflix is one of many companies that uses AWS for these purposes.

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Luke Zakka started his career building out the technology infrastructure necessary to support manufacturing plants. In these formative years, he learned what it took to be a leader and to drive initiatives for a burgeoning business. Luke Zakka worked with the American Kennel Club to support an IoT dog collar powered by the cloud and then assumed a leadership role at RiskMatch, a data analytics company. At present, Luke Zakka lives in Greenwich and works as a DevOps consultant driving business and technology outcomes for Fortune 100 companies.

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