Luke Zakka Explains How DevOps Can Benefit Businesses

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Luke Zakka Explains How DevOps Can Benefit Businesses Luke Zakka Explains How DevOps Can Benefit Businesses

Technology is continuously evolving. From new apps to cloud computing, it can be challenging to keep up. Luke Zakka of Greenwich, New York, is a DevOps consultant for Amazon Web Services, driving business and technology outcomes for Fortune 100 companies. He is here to explain what DevOps is and how it can benefit businesses.

What is DevOps?

The term “DevOps” is a portmanteau of “development” and “operations.” It was coined by Patrick Debois, an Agile technology and DevOps guru. More than a process or tool, DevOps represents a culture. Branching off of agile software development, DevOps focuses on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices, and a holistic approach, according to Gartner.

“DevOps emphasizes people (and culture), and seeks to improve collaboration between operations and development teams,” the definition by Gartner reads. “DevOps implementations utilize technology- especially automation tools that can leverage an increasingly programmable and dynamic infrastructure from a life cycle perspective.”

How Does DevOps Work?

DevOps streamlines the process of IT problem-solving. Before DevOps, there were individual teams who gathered data on the business’ needs and wrote code to produce software, another to perform tests and release the code once criteria were sufficiently met, and others for jobs like networking and databases. Luke Zakka explained that often, as a project was transferred from one team to another, roadblocks and miscommunication were frequent issues and the production process could be more time-consuming and costly than necessary. DevOps is a people-first approach to IT which aims to promote collaboration and heighten timeliness and quality for the benefit of software producers as well as their clients. It consists of cross-functional teams that share responsibilities and complete the process of building, prepping, and maintaining the software and system on which it runs.

More on Luke Zakka Greenwich

Luke Zakka started his career building out the technology infrastructure necessary to support manufacturing plants. In these formative years, he learned what it took to be a leader and to drive initiatives for a burgeoning business. As Amazon Web Services (AWS) began to shift services to the cloud and embrace free and open-source software, Luke Zakka’s focus shifted. He worked with the American Kennel Club to support an IoT dog collar powered by the cloud and then assumed a leadership role at RiskMatch, a data analytics company. At present, Luke Zakka works as a DevOps consultant for Amazon Web Services, driving business and technology outcomes for Fortune 100 companies.

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