Make Camping Easier with David Lougee’s Simple Hacks

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David Lougee Silver city new mexico David Lougee Silver city new mexico

After traveling around the United States, David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico shares his favorite camping tips to make “roughing it” easier.

If you’re looking for a simple and quiet vacation, camping fits the bill. Families enjoy exploring nature and spending quality time together but sometimes find themselves wishing things were just a little bit easier. After working hard to pack, travel, and set up the campsite, little conveniences do make a big difference. In fact, David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico believes he could even save you space, money, and time with a few simple camping hacks.

1. Lighting

If you’re trying to pack light, the campsite ambiance probably falls pretty far down the list of priorities. Soft string lights or solar ground stakes make for lovely night lights. However, they can take up unnecessary space, be a hassle to set up, and add extra cost. David Lougee recommends taking a lantern or headlamp you already have and placing it behind a gallon jug of water. The light will shine softly through the jug to create a calm evening atmosphere.

2. Line Your Suitcase

As an experienced camper, David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico believes you can never be too prepared for Mother Nature. The success of your trip heavily depends on your ability to keep your belongings safe, warm, and dry. If a storm rolls through your area and a bag is left outside, it may be impossible to dry off or get changed back in your tent.

To combat this issue, David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico recommends lining your backpacks, suitcases, and duffels with a trash bag before loading your items inside. Your stuff will stay dry, guaranteed! Plus, you’ll have extra bags for laundry or trash when it’s time to go.

3. Stay Warm

Northern regions of the United States stay pretty cold for the majority of the year. Staying warm can be tricky, especially if you’re at a campsite without power sources. David Lougee recommends using the heat-storing capabilities of water to keep warm. Fill your Nalgene or thermos with hot water before going to sleep. Place it at the bottom of your sleeping bag to keep your feet nice and warm for hours.

David Lougee suggests using a high-quality water bottle that will not only retain heat for long periods but will also stay tight to keep from leaking. If the container is uncomfortable or distracting in your sleeping area, wrap it with some clothes. Don’t forget to bring a cozy pair of socks that are set aside for sleeping time only!

About David Lougee:

David Lougee has worked as an administrator, teacher, and coach across the United States. His diverse portfolio makes it easy to recognize his broad skill set, which has led to his success today.
David Lougee of Silver City New Mexico plans to pursue his dream of leading a progressive school district as superintendent, where individualized student achievement and academic success promotes well-rounded and life-long student learners. He firmly believes all students can learn when provided with instruction that meets their individual needs.

In his spare time, David Lougee pursues his passion for the outdoors. He enjoys fly fishing, camping, and traveling with his wife. They share two sons and grandsons.