Make the Most of FHCP Benefits Using Michelle Bungo’s Tips

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Michelle Bungo Michelle Bungo

Florida Health Care Plans (FHCP) is the second oldest HMO in the nation, providing innovative and affordable plans that Michelle Bungo can help you make the most of.

There are many ways to get health insurance, whether that be through your employer, the government, or privately. If you choose to get coverage through FHCP, a small business health insurance provider in Florida, there are a few ways to maximize the use of your benefits. Experienced health insurance agent, Michelle Bungo, explains.

  1. Use In-Network Providers

Members will have access to a large network of providers that offer quality care. Staying in-network with authorized healthcare providers will keep costs low. It will also make sure that your family is with professionals who are familiar with your PHCP plans. Michelle Bungo explains that going out of network for routine care may make your claim unclaimable.

  1. Use Wellness Programs

All members have access to special classes and programs that are focused on improving their health. Some employers take it a step further by including extra wellness services in their plans. Michelle Bungo recommends using these additional tools for preventative care. They could consist of biometric screenings, physical activity programs, and health assessments.

 Many FHCP networks also include the use of fitness centers in your area. Michelle Bungo recommends checking to see if your plan has a gym network, which will allow you to use excellent facilities for free. There is no cap on how many times you can go or how many locations you can use. Michelle Bungo stresses the importance of physical fitness and activity for staying healthy.

  1. Shop Around

Even though you can go to any provider in your network, you should still shop around for pricing on elective procedures. Michelle Bungo explains that some procedures are cheaper at FHCP clinics, doctor’s offices, or imaging centers compared to a hospital or outpatient surgery center. By choosing your provider carefully, you can save money and nowhere to go time and time again.

About Michelle Bungo:

Michelle Bungo is a licensed health insurance agent in Coral Springs, FL, with years of experience working with all major insurance carriers. Physical fitness is important to Michelle Bungo, which is why she works out regularly. You can catch her at the gym every week! When she’s not at the gym or office, Michelle Bungo spends her free time socializing with friends and neighbors or hanging out with her kids. She also has an avid love for music and frequently attends local concerts.