Managing Hunger on HIT Training Plans with Bruce Crain of Mississippi

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Personal trainer and nutritionist, Bruce Crain of Mississippi, helps clients manage their increased appetite after high-intensity training (HIT).

High-intensity interval training (HIT) provides many personal health benefits and has grown in popularity in recent years. In a short workout session, people can improve cardiovascular health while burning a higher amount of calories compared to traditional weight training alone. HIT cycles through intervals of high effort followed by rest, and can be adapted to a variety of activities.

While HIT is excellent to incorporate for both weight loss and maintenance, personal trainer Bruce Crain of Mississippi explains that it can also lead to the feeling of increased hunger. Many people struggle to stick to their diet plans and meet calorie intake goals as it is. It’s normal to feel hungry after working out, but HIT can heighten those feelings even more.

With the proper strategies, however, you can make the most out of HIT fitness plans. To avoid overeating, Bruce Crain of Mississippi offers three expert tips.

Stay Hydrated

The main symptom of dehydration is feeling hungry. According to Bruce Crain of Mississippi, drinking water can help curb post-workout cravings. In addition, staying hydrated helps your muscles and joints work better. Drinking water promotes cardiovascular health and keeps the body cool.

Refuel the Right Way

Managing hunger means sticking to a balanced nutritional plan. Bruce Crain of Mississippi recommends eating a small snack after working out. The snack should have complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Protein helps to build and maintain muscle growth and should be incorporated into most meals.

Train Hunger

Feeling hungry is often a mental roadblock people must overcome, especially those who are used to severely overeating. While getting enough nutrition is essential, Bruce Crain of Mississippi notes that many people eat because they are bored or are used to feeling full. Before reaching for a snack or meal outside of your nutritional plan, consider drinking some water and waiting for the hungry feelings to subside.

About Bruce Crain:

Born and raised in Mississippi, Bruce Crain has built a successful career as a personal trainer. He specializes in helping clients improve their overall well-being through lifestyle changes focused on exercise and clean eating. He believes anyone can improve their physical and mental health with an individualized fitness plan.

Bruce Crain became passionate about health while earning his degree in Biomedical Sciences from Mississippi State University. He then went on to earn his master’s degree in Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion from Mississippi State University. In his spare time, Bruce Crain enjoys outdoor recreational activities such as swimming, biking, and running. He also likes traveling to national parks across the United States.