Manufacturer Documents 47% Energy Cost Reduction With Stuart Burchill’s Technology

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Stuart Burchill Energy Cost Reduction Stuart Burchill Energy Cost Reduction

A recent case study shows that Stuart Burchill’s award winning thermal insulation is beyond sustainable.

The Synavax Sustainability Series has produced revolutionary products that are entering factories worldwide, as manufactures strive to be more sustainable while saving money. Stuart Burchill’s patented and award-winning spray on insulation technology saves clients energy, improves factory safety, lowers carbon footprints, and increases equipment lifespans. Synavax has truly made a name for itself as a “one stop shop” for sustainability.

To help put things into perspective for potential customers, a recent study was conducted by Nerteks, a textile manufacturer that got real results by using Stuart Burchill’s Heat Shield High Heat thermal insulation and corrosion control, a spray on coating. Kolorgen Ltd., a Synavax distributor in Turkey, assisted the company with an evaluation of their steam consumption savings.

After three months of recording data, Nerteks revealed they were able to lower energy consumption and energy costs by 47.5%! This was accomplished by insulating heat process equipment using Stuart Burchill’s patented nanotechnology. Large pieces of equipment like yarn dyeing machines are not easy to insulate, however, with this new technology, almost any machine, large, small or bulky, can be coated. Stuart Burchill’s coatings have even been shown to improve the color consistency of dye batches since the insulation is so consistent and reliable.

Here’s how Nerteks found out they scored big:

Energy consumption was calculated by measuring steam with hot water meters. Side by side measurements were made on un-insulated machines as well as with machines that received 10 coats of Stuart Burchill’s Heat Shield High Heat thermal insulation coating. The same meter was used for both machines, to guarantee no differences in the readings. Measurements taken over the course of three months were averaged.

What does that mean for you?

Even if you do not dye yarn, this study applies to all manufacturers! Multiple heat processes all use energy that originates in boilers, runs through steam and condensate piping, and powers the end equipment process. Stuart Burchill’s nanotechnology can be used on tanks, industrial ovens, pasteurizers, boilers, and more! No matter what the use of the equipment, having proper insulation is associated with reduced energy costs.

Stuart Burchill’s coatings can be demonstrated in small batches to prove its effectiveness. Complimentary specifications are available for heat process equipment and building envelope projects simply by request.
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