Margo Shaffer Examines How the Educational Foundation of Sarasota is Helping the Community

Margo Shaffer is a real estate agent in Sarasota County who has been a very proud resident of the area for 20 years. And her current part-time employment with the Education Foundation of Sarasota County proves her dedication to this area. This foundation is one of the most respected in the area and provides an extensive range of support for area students that they cannot get in any other way.

Why Margo Shaffer Trusts The Education Foundation of Sarasota County

Real estate agent Margo Shaffer recently joined up with the Education Foundation of Sarasota County to help her community, its children, and everyone else in the area succeed in an inspiring way. This group has a simple mission statement: they wish to “..enhance the potential of students, promote excellence in teaching…” and create new innovations in teaching using various types of philanthropy.

Margo Shaffer states that this group is dedicated to the future of education and its power to change lives for the better. They are best suited to provide tools and assistance for children in the county, providing various resources that make it easier for them to maximize their education. By putting education first, Margo Shaffer believes that they can transform the community for the better.

Driven by guiding values, such as the fact that all children can learn and succeed, the importance of accountability, serving others in many ways, and creating moral and ethical behaviors, Margo Shaffer believes this group suits the community’s needs better than any other. And she has dedicated herself and much of her free time to pushing forward with high-quality programs created by this team.

Programs Used to Help the Community

Margo Shaffer is employed by the Education Foundation of Sarasota County to provide a myriad of services that help children in the area and many others. For example, they have taken a very steady approach to track and report on the impact of Covid-19 in the county. Margo Shaffer believes that this group provides the most up-to-date information available for those in the area. This service helps to keep residents safe and alert of any Covid changes.

Beyond this current crisis, they also offer help for college students that she believes is critical. The College Career, Life Readiness initiative is designed to help children of all strengths and achievements better understand the nature of post-secondary education, the various training options available, and more. This initiative is one Margo Shaffer believes could make a significant difference soon.

And Margo Shaffer is particularly impressed by the Art and Innovation initiative, a program put in place to help teach children how to utilize technology to succeed in various creative formats. And Excellence in Teaching provides Sarasota-County educators with tools that she believes will help them grow, such as better training, high-class technological items, and much more.

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