Mark A. Pinsky Invests in the Latest Technologies to Exceed Client Expectations

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Mark A Pinsky Latest Technologies to Exceed Client Expectations Mark A Pinsky Latest Technologies to Exceed Client Expectations

Celebrated plastic surgeon Mark A. Pinsky has been a participant in groundbreaking clinical studies and the development of innovative techniques for decades. Apart from creating his own patented skincare line and offering patients a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, he consistently invests in newer technologies to exceed his clients’ expectations.


Mark A. Pinsky is known around the world for his surgical expertise which borders on artistry for the thousands of patients who received care at his Palm Beach offices. He’s had his hand in a number of technological advances in the beauty industry including participating in the FDA study site for Juvederm and Natrelle “gummy bear” implants.


He’s delivered consistently beautiful results for 20 years by tailoring each procedure to the needs of his patient and using state-of-the-art technology to accomplish goals. He’s performed a high volume of cases in many specific procedures, sharing his wide talent with patients from around the world.


In 2017, Mark A. Pinsky proudly announced an improvement to his offerings in the form of Pinsky Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach, FL. Driven by a desire to cultivate an even more exceptional patient experience, he made the decision to return to solo plastic surgery practice and dedicated his career to individual treatments. With the announcement of Pinsky Plastic Surgery, Mark A. Pinsky invested in more sophisticated and improved technologies to meet and exceed patient expectations.


Pinksy Plastic Surgery

Over two years since his March 1st rebranding of Pinsky Plastic Surgery, Mark A. Pinsky continues to deliver exceptional results by utilizing the latest breakthroughs in beauty technology. With Pinsky Plastic Surgery, he added over $250,000 worth of non-surgical in-office technologies to help provide patients a range of available procedures.


Additional upgrades in technology included the INFINI skin-tightening procedure, which uses targeted radio-frequency micro-needling to provide lasting results (with almost no downtime involved); Cellfina equipment, which is the only FDA-approved device that eliminates cellulite dimples and delivers a 97% satisfaction rating 4 years post-procedure; and NeoGraft technology, which is often called the best follicular unit extraction hair transplant equipment available on the market.


In addition to increasing his tech offerings, Mark A. Pinsky invested in advanced skills training for his clinical and non-clinical staff so that specialized services were more readily available to patients. His staff regularly attends conferences from providers like Dale Carnegie, Disney, and Nordstrom’s on topics like improved injections, laser techniques, team-building exercises, and customer-service training. In this way, Dr. Pinsky ensures that patients only receive optimal levels of care from dedicated and knowledgeable staff in his offices.


Mark A. Pinsky has earned many accolades over his career and continues to sit as one of only 10 plastic surgeons nationally on the Allergan Executive Council. In 2016, he was recognized as a Top 500 practice in the nation by Allergan and attained Presidential Champion recognition by Galderma.

He is a distinguished leader who sets the standard for surgical excellence and continues to prove his dedication to customer results by investing in the latest aesthetical technologies.