Mark A. Pinsky Provides Minimally Invasive Hair Restoration Treatments to Palm Beach Patients Using NeoGraft Technology

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Mark A. Pinsky Provides Minimally Invasive Hair Restoration Treatments to Palm Beach Patients Using NeoGraft Technology


Mark A. Pinsky – Hair Restoration Treatments

Many patients are hesitant to undergo hair restoration therapy because of potential for harm, potential scarring, and the associated recovery downtime. Palm Beach area Mark A. Pinsky offers revolutionary NeoGraft hair restoration solutions to his patients, which are milder and less-invasive without compromising any effectiveness.


Hair restoration is a hot topic in both male and female wellness as it’s a tremendous factor in self-esteem and confidence for everyone. With time, both men and women are likely to see changes in their hair, whether that change is thinning, balding, or receding hair. Today’s medical practitioners can offer patients a range of potential therapies and procedures depending on their individual needs. However, people want to see fast results without having a significant impact on their lives to achieve a full head of hair, which rules many procedures out.


Mark A. Pinsky provides his patients one of the newest and most innovative hair transplant methods to create natural-looking results through NeoGraft treatments.


“It’s the hair treatment of the future,” Mark Pinsky says. “Traditional methods strip large chunks of hair and skin from the back of the head. NeoGraft simply removes a single hair follicle at a time and replaces it elsewhere on the head.”


In this way, NeoGraft fills out areas of thinning hair without leaving residual scarring and without removing areas of the scalp. The linear scar associated with hair restoration procedures is large and can be unsightly, forcing many to wear their hair longer even after surgery. But thanks to NeoGraft, the linear scar is a thing of the past.


Certified NeoGraft technicians and Mark A. Pinsky employ a process called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to isolate and remove each hair follicle. The procedure utilizes controlled pneumatic pressure to slide the graft out smoothly. This ensures there’s no pulling or twisting which can risk damaging the graft as its being transported. Additionally, this allows for grafts to be replanted sooner, leading to a faster procedure and recovery time.


“The device is like an extension of the technician’s arm, and they can remove and transplant hair follicles as easily as writing their name,” Mark A. Pinsky says.


While topical numbing is available, the entire process is a much less invasive alternative. In typical grafting procedures, scalpels are used to slice away large portions of the scalp, causing severe trauma without powerful numbing agents. NeoGraft never requires more than an incision as tiny as a needle prick to transplant hair.


Because it’s minimally-invasive and proven to be highly effective, it’s a safe treatment suitable for both men and women. If hair loss continues or if denser hair is sought after, patients may require more transplants in the future. However, Mark A. Pinsky assures his patients that the hair results they achieve are naturally their own for as long as their hair will grow.