Mark Carpenter Helps Schools and Charities Flourish

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For nearly ten years Mark Carpenter has partnered with public schools and non-profit groups throughout Arizona to help raise money for great causes.

Mark Carpenter loves consulting with Arizona non-profit organizations helping to fund causes such as veterans, animal rescue, special needs children, cancer kids, foster children, hunger, disaster relief, churches, food banks, and many other amazing charitable organizations.

Carpenter told us, “In nearly ten years we have helped charities raise approximately over $10,000,000 to fund various causes and over $3,000,000 in assistance to Arizona schools.

It hasn’t been without its ups and downs says Mark Carpenter. “Fundraising is always under the microscope so you have to really try to be aware of the charities you work with and their bottom line benefit to the community.”

One of the most popular vehicles for raising funds for many charities is working with community partners and merchants utilizing fundraising tables or booths. We have so many wonderful charities in Arizona that have great causes, but they have no idea how to raise money. By working with local sponsors, partners and merchants Mark Carpenter helps these charities build relationships within the community.

Carpenter says, “Most merchant partners love the idea of having a charity set up at their store to advocate their cause and raise money for schools or families in need. The Girl Scouts are a great example. But other charities don’t have the luxury of a huge fundraising group such as several million girl scouts so I help these charities in many cases by providing them with fundraising ambassadors.”

“By hiring fundraisers within the community to raise money at storefronts for local charities, it’s a win win win. Fundraisers get paid to collect donations and raise awareness of a charity’s cause, the charity receives much needed funding and exposure, and the merchant gets to be associated with a charity which helps them appear as a caring and giving business” Mark Carpenter continued. Fundraisers are hired seasonally by charities to help increase donations which drives most non-profits and allows them to fund their cause.

Many charities have even started using the new found funding to host all expenses paid events for families and children in need. “In the last five years over 17,000 families have benefited from our efforts. We have jointly taken families to Cardinals games, DiamondBacks games, Suns games, the Zoo, Odyssea, Sun Splash, Disneyland, Festivals, Movies, Top Golf…the list goes on and on. And in every instance, every expense was covered so these families never had to pay a dime of their own money. That’s why we do what we do, the smiling faces and joy we bring to those families and children who are experiencing a variety of hardships is indescribable” Carpenter exclaimed with enthusiasm.

While fundraising can be difficult and challenging at times, schools and charities need every dime they can get. Mark Carpenter stated, “By giving at tables and booths around your community, your supporting not just those worthy schools and non-profits, but your also saying thank you for those who spend countless hours out in all types of weather and conditions advocating for the charity. Fundraisers have the biggest hearts and ultimately want to see how far their efforts can go. When a charity uses donation money we’ve collected to help fund families or animals or events for those underprivileged or disabled, we all share that joy.”