Mark Carpenter – Reaping the Rewards of Being a Lifetime Entrepreneur

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Mark Carpenter Mark Carpenter

Over the years, Mark Carpenter created a number of professional ventures that helped prepare him for his newest and biggest project yet, WoWzer! Technologies. Below he shares with readers his professional journey and the companies and business ventures he created which have led him to the front step of technologies golden child, the world of mobile apps.

Before Mark Carpenter came up with the idea of WoWzer! Rewards, he found success while experimenting in a few notable career fields. He grew up in Kansas and spent some time there at a junior college after graduating high school, but turned his sights to insurance early on. He earned his Life & Health insurance license at eighteen years of age and was recognized as a top rookie agent for American Amicable Life Insurance Company in 1980.

Shortly after, Mark Carpenter moved to Southern California where he lived from 1981 to 1986 while working in the property casualty insurance industry. In 1988, he decided to try his hand in business and opened Agency Software, Inc. (ASI) just a year after moving to Idaho. ASI is a software company that provides automation solutions for independent property & casualty insurance agencies. Though he sold the agency in 1993 after it gained tremendous momentum, the company is still in operation today almost 32 years after he first opened its doors.

He moved to Oregon in 1994 and started Whitem Group, a business providing automated risk surveys to insurance agents. After finding success again with another insurance related business venture, he turned a different direction by opening a second company Hole In One, Inc. (HIO) in 1995. HIO was a business specializing in hosting hole-in-one golf fundraisers. Mark Carpenter sold HIO in 1997 before moving to Gilbert Arizona in 1999 and starting new professional ventures.

While in Gilbert, Carpenter became involved in buying and flipping houses which proved to be very successful from 2000 until 2007. This led him to become the general manager for Long Realty in Mesa Arizona whereas he was an employee for the first time in 20 years. Carpenter served in that position from 2007 to 2009.

Later in 2009, he opened 24/7 Sports fundraising which helped Arizona school sports teams raise money to support their activities through various fundraisers. Gaining a knack for fundraising, he opened Arizona Charities Foundation (ACF) in 2011 to help Arizona non-profits raise money for their own causes. He eventually sold the ACF Tempe Arizona office in 2015 and opened Carpenter Event Management for the purpose of consulting with non-profits and helping them manage fundraisers and special events.

The climax of Mark Carpenter‘s business portfolio appears to be WoWzer! Technologies. Mark Carpenter has created a series of mobile apps which he will market and manage. WoWzer! Rewards, is one of those mobile apps in development. WoWzer! gives merchants and businesses affordable in-house rewards programs including cashback instant deal offers.

WoWzer! Rewards ultimately helps these businesses gain new customers while creating lasting consumer loyalty so customers continue coming back repeatedly for more rewards, more cashback and more instant deals. The program will be available both in website format and as a mobile application so there’s access to rewards anywhere members go. Mark Carpenter believes WoWzer! Rewards will soon be one of the fastest-growing reward programs in the world.

The other WoWzer! Technologies app that Mark Carpenter is having developed is Ryze Live. Ryze Live is a mobile broadcasting app that allows anyone to host live video broadcasts from anywhere they go, home or away. Users will simply press Go Live and the entire world can watch while they talk, sing, teach or do whatever they like within tasteful guidelines. Ryze Live follows YouTube Live and Facebook Live into the live broadcasting arena, but will be providing a much more user friendly, entertaining and dynamic platform.