Mark Pinsky Offers Semi-Permanent Makeup to Clients in the Palm Beach Area

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Mark Pinsky Clients in the Palm Beach Area Mark Pinsky Clients in the Palm Beach Area

Pioneering advances in beauty, esteemed plastic surgeon Mark Pinsky implements the latest technology and medical breakthroughs to exceed his clients’ expectations. On top of surgical and non-surgical beauty solutions at his Palm Beach offices, Mark Pinsky is pleased to now offer semi-permanent makeup to men and women.


Patients in the Palm Beach area looking to improve their looks and boost their self-esteem are at a distinct advantage. Dr. Mark Pinsky is a world-renowned plastic surgeon and creator of state-of-the-art skincare regimens who provides total transformations to patients near and far.

He and his team employ a sizeable selection of the world’s leading procedures and treatments and are now pleased to offer semi-permanent makeup solutions.

These widely popular techniques naturally enhance features, whether to achieve a bold, fashionable look or something subtler. Not to be mistaken as a procedure solely for women, semi-permanent makeup also has many useful applications on the body and scalp for men.

Semi-permanent scalp pigmentation can help restore the look of thicker hair without the need for transplants from somewhere else on the body.


Procedures Covered By Mark Pinksy

Both procedures have their own unique benefits for patients, and, as temporary solutions, allow for new preferences and changes in appearance in the future.

“Receiving semi-permanent makeup allows patients to save money on cosmetic supplies as well as time on their daily routine,” says Mark Pinsky. “Besides looking and feeling great, simplified maintenance is one of the biggest reasons my patients choose to undergo these procedures.”


Procedure results are completely customizable to suit the personal style of every patient.

Through the process, Mark Pinsky and his team enhance natural features to achieve a look that appears both normal and attractive. Patients develop the peace of mind knowing they can wake up looking their best and gain back precious time that would have otherwise been spent on applying and reapplying makeup.

A wide variety of semi-permanent options are available at Mark Pinsky’s practice, and the techniques used are incredibly versatile and customizable to accommodate individuals of all ages. Patients first undergo a consultation with their artist to discuss the personal style they’re looking to achieve as well as try out different looks to solidify a treatment plan.


Before Treatment Begins

A topical anesthetic numbs the treatment area to minimize any discomfort during the process. In addition, the artist will first draw on the skin with fine detail for each patient to approve or adjust before beginning the procedure.

The entire process typically takes around an hour or two (depending on targeted areas and desired look) and may require some patients to return for additional sessions. What’s more, there’s very little downtime associated with semi-permanent makeup procedures other than slight swelling or redness over the first 24 hours, which can easily be remedied with a cold compress.

“We want to offer the most effective, comfortable, and quickest results around,” says Mark Pinsky, “which is why our offices stay at the cutting edge of technology and advancements in the beauty industry.”